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How many hats do you wear?

It’s National Hat Day and it has made me think about the many hats I’ve worn throughout my life. When...

Daring Greatly In Cornwall

Years ago I envisioned myself one day taking someone on a coaching / hiking trek not just in Austria, but...

Jo Courtney of Inner Synergy slowing down

Slow Down

Do you ever slow down long enough to get your mind to slow down too?  In October Jo Courtney of...

Take time out

Taking time for yourself is of the utmost importance when you want to keep your vision alive.


When you don't use your own vision as your map, you run the risk of finding you're moving towards a vision for someone else's life or business.

Choose You!

For as long as I can remember I always wanted a dog. Always! But there had always been good reasons...

DGC | Escape


There comes a time in life when you start taking stock. You look at your life, the way you’re living...

DGC | You may have to quit

You may have to quit!

You may have to quit doing certain things when you’ve come to the point where you’re successful while at the...

When you’re serious about doing things different in your over-stressed life

You probably have many things that can cause stress in your life. Expected to be available all the time may very well be one of them.

Why you should go with someone when you take your stress outside

Immersing yourself in nature, going into mountains is a great way reduce stress. I wrote about this in an earlier...

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