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Give your mind a break

Give your mind a break

It won’t come as a surprise to you that I believe strongly in the healing effects of Nature. I felt...

Reflections on life

Reflecting on life

Lakes, like other bodies of water, offer a wonderful opportunity for (self)reflection. Sitting on its banks it feels almost natural to ask yourself questions.

Reaching your goals

At least you tried

Have you ever told yourself you've tried hard, but just couldn't quite make it when it came to reaching one of your goals?

On the right path

Trust you’re on the right path

Starting at the bottom of the valley you can't see the summit we've set as our goal. You have to trust that you've chosen the right trail

Summits are milestones

Mountain summits are milestones

Standing in the valley looking up at mountains they look both intimidating and sometimes downright scary. Hiking up to their summit seems impossible. The thought of standing on top of them exhilarating.

Rewilding ourselves

RE-Wilding ourselves

We are expected to fit ‘the mould’. To develop in a certain way; along a particular trajectory. Suppressing our yearning to express ourselves in a way that's unique to our character (soil), circumstances (climate, location) and desires. Can we rewild ourselves?


Do you make the most of the lockdown?

As we're coming out of the COVID-19 lockdown, many want to return to what they think of as ‘normal life’. But do they really want to? Do you really want to?

Immersed in Nature?

Immersed in Nature?

What does being immersed in Nature have to do with the different kind of leadership we need now? Everything!

The classics

Reduce stress. Connect with Nature, part 7: With Natural Classics

Part 7 in the series on how to reduce stress through connecting with Nature when you've got no or limited access to the outdoors: listening to classical music!

Are you grounded?

Are you grounded?

When we move among mountains we become grounded, clearing our minds and releasing tension from our body. It's then much easier to reconnect with who we are at our core, in our ESSENCE.

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