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Today I started walking

Today I started walking

Recently Marc Lawrence asked his LinkedIn connections to name one song that reflects the service they provide. I knew immediately what that song is for me. One by the Dutch duo Acda & De Munnik called 'Vandaag ben ik gaan lopen'. In English 'Today I started walking'. It reflects not only the service I provide; the work I do. It also reflects the way I want to live and live my life; my Best Life.

Thank you

Thank you!

Tomorrow is the final day of 2020. To say it's been an interesting year would be a gross understatement! Many have faced challenges that were not even close to anything we could have imagined. But 2020 was a year of hope too ...

A Holiday Gift

A Holiday Gift For You

2020 has not been an easy year but it's finally coming to a close. I want to close it out with a gift for you.

We are part of Nature

We are part of Nature

Do you think we can truly be connected to ourselves without being connected with Nature? I don't! I strongly believe we can't be truly connected with ourselves, when we were not also connected with Nature.

16 Quotes on self-leadership

16 Quotes to help you be a leader in your own life

So much is said and written about leadership, especially in the workspace. What often gets left out though, is that real leadership starts with being a leader in your own life; with self-leadership!

Stuck in the middle

While out on a short hike this week I came to a stream I wanted to cross. Standing on a rock in the middle of it, I had to figure out whether it was a good idea to commit to going on.

Never too old

Never too old

She'd been in her career for 20+ years. Every few years she'd have spells of having to face the truth: she didn't love or even like her career or her life.

Give your mind a break

Give your mind a break

It won’t come as a surprise to you that I believe strongly in the healing effects of Nature. I felt...

Reflections on life

Reflecting on life

Lakes, like other bodies of water, offer a wonderful opportunity for (self)reflection. Sitting on its banks it feels almost natural to ask yourself questions.

Reaching your goals

At least you tried

Have you ever told yourself you've tried hard, but just couldn't quite make it when it came to reaching one of your goals?

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