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Rewilding ourselves

RE-wilding ourselves

We are expected to fit ‘the mould’. To develop in a certain way; along a particular trajectory. Suppressing our yearning to express ourselves in a way that's unique to our character (soil), circumstances (climate, location) and desires. Can we rewild ourselves?


Do you make the most of the lockdown?

As we're coming out of the COVID-19 lockdown, many want to return to what they think of as ‘normal life’. But do they really want to? Do you really want to?

Immersed in Nature?

Immersed in Nature?

What does being immersed in Nature have to do with the different kind of leadership we need now? Everything!

The classics

Reduce stress. Connect with Nature, part 7: With Natural Classics

Part 7 in the series on how to reduce stress through connecting with Nature when you've got no or limited access to the outdoors: listening to classical music!

Are you grounded?

Are you grounded?

When we move among mountains we become grounded, clearing our minds and releasing tension from our body. It's then much easier to reconnect with who we are at our core, in our ESSENCE.

Why even bother? Well, because ...

Why bother being a leader in your own life? Well, …

Recently I started to write and talk more publicly about the kind of leadership I believe is needed to recover from the current chaos and create a different, better world. As I've written before, I'm convinced the change needed will have to come from ordinary people like you and me. In response, people have asked me: “Why bother? Why should I become a leader in my own life? How can I affect change when it's just me?”

Nature TED talks

Reduce stress. Connect with Nature, part 6: Watch a Nature TED Talk

Good TED talks somehow manage to be both educational and fun. What a great way to connect with and learn more about something. Nature for example.

It’s time for a new normal

Now that I’ve unmuted myself (read this blog post to find out why I muted myself), it may seem as...

I am muted.

I am muted.

This is not a regular update. I am muted this week. I’ve muted my usual social media strategy. Instead, I’m...

Listen to Nature Songs

Reduce stress. Connect with Nature, part 5: Listen to songs about Nature

Ever since the first time I walked among mountains as an adult and felt myself coming home I’ve known at...

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