On asking for help, passion projects and the outdoors

Let me start by wishing you all the best for 2022: may the best days of your and your loved ones lives so far, be the worst of the year to come!

Apparently, we’re not supposed to do this (wishing each other a happy new year) after January 6. However, since you’ve not heard anything from me for a while I’ll simply ignore that rule and whoever made it up. Sometimes rules are there to be broken.

So why the month-long silence on my part? I started my new adventure.

Remember the one I wrote about in my previous Update? Steering a skibus up and down the mountains?

Who knew that the first couple of weeks in that job would leave me completely beat by the time I’d get home? I certainly didn’t.

I figured I’d drive that bus around for a couple of days a week and have tons of energy left to keep up with you, to network and do all the other things that need doing.

However, it turns out there are so many things to be mindful of, to concentrate on that by end of the day all I could do is to stay awake long enough to prep and eat dinner.

Now that I’ve settled in a bit, I find my mind opening up again for other things besides bus schedules, passengers, other drivers, road conditions and managing a vehicle substantially larger than my own car.,

Asking for help

Articulated bus

The first four weeks in this new job certainly have been a humbling experience.

I’ve never been very good at asking for help.

This may very well be why the Universe has put me in a job driving a bus. I’ve had never to ask as often for help as I have since I started this one:

  • I had to ask a colleague to rescue the articulated bus I got stuck with in the car/bus wash at the depot
  • I had to ask multiple colleagues to assist me as I practised driving backwards with said articulated bus
  • I had to ask a colleague to teach me how to put snow chains on those giant bus wheels
  • I had to ask someone to explain different gadgets on the bus so I know what happens when I use them
  • I had to ask more experienced colleagues to teach me the best way to drive down a steep mountain with a passenger-filled bus without ruining the brakes
  • I had to ask them to explain to me how to best do it when roads on that steep mountain are covered in snow and ice
  • and more

I’m learning there’s much more to driving a bus than meets the eye.

Asking for help — not only because I’m learning new things but also because some things I just can’t do by myself — most certainly is part of it.

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As always …

Go dare greatly!

— Gerdi