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Gerdi with Heather Thorkelson on her entrepreneurial polar journey

What do the pharmaceutical industry and an icebreaker turned polar cruise vessel have in common? You’re forgiven when your answer to this question is, “Absolutely nothing!”

You would – however – be wrong. Because my guest today is the link between these two very different worlds.

While she was successful in the structured 9-5 world, she always hated the lack of agency and the arbitrary rules which led her to abandon that world for good in 2010.

Since then she has built companies based around her values and made a concerted effort to live closer to nature.

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About Me

Reaching your goals

My name is Gerdi Verwoert. I help busy managers, executives and coaches too go from a life taken over by work to a better-balanced life with more time for themselves and the things important to them. A life in which they are the self-leader they are meant to be.

I’m a Dutch former consultant, project and facilities manager — with 20+ years of experience in the corporate and consultancy world — turned certified professional coach and mountain hiking guide while living among the Austrian Alps.

Whether working online or in person, Nature is never far away when we work together. She is my coaching partner, my co-conspirator; offering us a place to rest, regenerate, play and explore.

In my online programs, she joins us in the form of metaphors and stories that relate closely to your situation and speak directly to your unconscious self. As part of those programs, you’re encouraged to venture outside in your own surroundings and spend time with her.

When working in person, I guide you into Nature where you more easily disconnect from your busy life and reconnect with yourself.

You see, I believe that since we are all part of Nature, you can only be connected with yourself when you’re connected with Nature as well. 

What people say …

  • “Every so often you meet an exceptional human being who blows your mind – Gerdi is that person. She is a high trust leader who operates from her deep commitment to her core values, builds long-term relations ships and is willing to take risks. I always look forward to our conversations as Gerdi is direct, fun, engaging, and intelligent.”
    Tara, USATara, USABusiness and Leadership Coach
    Gerdi creates the space in nature to step out of the ‘busy’ of life so we can slow down, breathe and let whatever’s been waiting in the wings for our stillness to arrive with clarity. [...] to shed the old clutter and step into what we want to create rather than going round and round the hamster wheel of busy. Thank you Gerdi!
    Dani, AustraliaDani, AustraliaMindset Mastery + Transformation Coach
    “It takes guts to spend [time] exploring your life with Gerdi. She won’t settle for easy answers. She will shamelessly yet with a sense of humour confront you with your implicit and explicit excuses for not making the changes in life you so long to make. Yet isn’t that exactly what you want?”
    Audrey, the NetherlandsAudrey, the NetherlandsOrganisational Consultant

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