Safely Immerse Yourself In Nature With These 22 Tips

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Dare Greatly Guiding & Coaching

When your life is all work and no play…. When you feel constantly rushed and stressed out …. When your brain always feels tired…. When you feel trapped – caged – with no escape….

It is time to slow down, to give yourself the gift of relaxing and reconnecting with yourself.


Hike With Gerdi


Hey Daring One!

My name is Gerdi and I guide people of all ages, but in particular families, corporates and entrepreneurs away from the stress and disconnection in their life to where they can truly relax – to where they can reconnect with themselves and the people around them.

I’m a Dutch former project manager, consultant and interim manager with 20+ years of experience in the corporate world. After recovering from a serious burnout I left that stressful world behind and moved to the Austrian Alps. Now I live and work in an environment where mountains and Mother Nature determine the rhythm of life instead of the pressures of career and society.

I have a special gift for taking people on trails – in mountains and in life – they would never think of walking by themselves. I have a talent for helping people reach heights they didn’t think themselves capable of and in doing so help them leave the stress of their lives behind, reconnect with nature, with themselves and the people they care about.

As always….


Dare Greatly Guide & Coach


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What Daring People Say

  • “Gerdi knows how to guide you on your way to rediscover yourself and what is truly important to you ...Thanks to her coaching I realised how I can move towards realising the life I dream of.”
  • “It takes guts to spend [time] exploring your life with Gerdi. She won’t settle for easy answers. She will shamelessly yet with a sense of humour confront you with your implicit and explicit excuses for not making the changes in life you so long to make. Yet isn’t that exactly what you want? [...] If more of the same isn’t working for you anymore, than coaching by Gerdi may be your answer. Spend some time in the mountains with her and discover what you want in life.”
  • “With her fresh look at life, Gerdi gives you broad horizons and new landscapes where you can reach for your dreams. [...] I go home refreshed and inspired, realising I don’t need to emigrate or even change jobs: Gerdi gave me new perspectives on how to make the most of my talents in my own life.”

More Daring People

  • “Every so often you meet an exceptional human being who blows your mind – Gerdi is that person. She is a high trust leader who operates from her deep commitment to her core values, builds long-term relations ships and is willing to take risks. I always look forward to our conversations as Gerdi is direct, fun, engaging, and intelligent.”
    Tara Newman, NY, USA Tara Newman, NY, USA Tara Newman Coaching
  • “Gerdi is a true leader’s coach! She understands corporate lifestyle, stress, and pressure. She is the master of re-invention, and she confronts fear square in the face every day. Leaders come to her to lead them to an extraordinary view of the mountains, but they leave with an extraordinary view of their lives! Bravo, Gerdi!“
    Ana Tampanna, NC, USAAna Tampanna, NC, USALeadership Coach

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