On new adventures, self-defense and saving the world

On new adventures, self-defence and saving the world

As autumn started to turn into winter I had to come to terms with the fact that COVID once again may wreak havoc on the skiing season. You may remember that over the last decade I spent almost all winter seasons working as a ski instructor. A job I absolutely love.

Austria once again went into a 3-week lockdown and yet another COVID variant has appeared on the scene. Right now it is anybody’s guess whether the upcoming winter season will be a real skiing season.

So instead of returning to the ski school, I decided to cast around for another winter season job.

New adventure

When I moved to Austria in 2010 I started out as mountain hiking guide a.k.a. mountain leader. I also started a small business managing other people’s holiday properties.

That first winter I spent much of my time on skis when I wasn’t busy managing those properties.

Since then I spent one winter as a taxi driver and all other ones as a ski instructor.

The summers were spent guiding people among mountains while having conversations — often coaching conversations.

Over the years I’ve combined all these activities because they enable me to live life my way. I also do them because I really enjoy them.

This winter I’ll be adding another activity to the combination.

I’ll finally put the bus driver’s licence I got before I left the Netherlands to good use. This winter season I’ll steer a ski bus up and down mountains.

From left to right: Grattan Donnely, Nicole Snell, Craig Constantine and Anne Bland

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As always …

Go dare greatly!

— Gerdi