201911366 - DGH Core Values 01

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What if there was an easier and more fun way to discover your Core Values than scrolling through a list of 400+ possibilities? Now there is and it’s FREE!

I used these exercises on my own journey to get clear on what I wanted my life to be all about.

I needed to know what was truly important to me, what my core values are if I wanted to be a leader — the leader — in my own life.

I needed to know this because being a successful consultant and project manager didn’t feel anywhere close to as good as I had always thought it would. Instead, it felt like I was just playing a part in someone else’s movie!

When you’re unhappily successful, because the life or career you’ve built for yourself doesn’t feel as dreamy as you thought it would …

When it feels like you’ve given up your identity, as though you’re playing a part in order to live up to everyone’s expectations …

When you’re exhausted because you no longer know what’s truly important to you and are trying to do it all …

Then knowing your core values will help you re‑gain clarity, re‑claim your identity and start on your own journey towards self‑leadership.

Download this free e-book today and discover what your core values are.

Download free e-book