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Supposed to be a leader

Each one of us is a leader. You may not think of yourself as one, but the truth is you are. You are the leader in your own life. At least … That’s what you’re supposed to be!

When you’re unhappily successful because you’re constantly being pushed into a role that doesn’t satisfy you and it doesn’t feel anything like you thought it would …

When it feels like you’ve given up your identity to get to where you are today, as though you’re playing a part in order to live up to everyone’s expectations …

When you’re exhausted because you no longer know what’s truly important to you and are trying to do it all …

Then taking these 9 powerful steps will help you regain Clarity, reclaim your Identity and start on a journey towards being a leader in your own life; towards  PERSONAL LEADERSHIP.

They will help you stay the course ….

When it feels like you have to pay constant attention to where you step … Climbing up and over large boulders, … Sometimes having to jump over narrow but seemingly deep gaps, …

A tall order?

Becoming a leader in your own life may seem like a tall order, but I know it’s exactly what you can do!

I know this because that’s what I became when I used these steps to turn away from a successful, but uninspired corporate career of 20+ years and start on my own journey towards personal leadership.

Time to re-connect

Now I guide people like you – nonconformist creatives, visionaries, rulebreakers, changemakers in life, business or both – into the mountains.

There they find time to disconnect from all that causes them stress and re-connect with themselves and what life to them is all about; as they discover what personal leadership means to them.

Through this ebook you’ll learn:

  • 9 Powerful steps you can start taking today to re-connect with what to you life is all about
  • The most important thing every leader needs to know
  • How to take back control so you can escape the quicksand of having to do and be all
  • The importance of knowing which roles are yours and which aren’t
  • How to discover what rules to break so you can live your own life instead of someone else’s