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Dare Greatly Coaching | Letting go

How to start blazing your own trail despite being afraid

I was unhappy in my project management & consultancy job. But I was afraid to let go, because I knew what I had - steady income, a house, status, a car, a pretty big pay check, a pension fund,... What would I be in for if I let go of all that and stepped into an uncertain future? I was afraid and I was stuck!

Dare Greatly Coaching | Become comfortable with uncertainty

To blaze your own trail you have to stop being uncomfortable with uncertainty

For years I was uncomfortable with certainty. I had the certainty of a house, a car, a steady & comfortable...

Dare Greatly Coaching | Don't live to work

The day her life changed forever

She was feeling sick and tired. She felt ill with different kinds of aches and pains that wouldn’t go away....

Trapped in other people's expectations

Caught in a web of other people’s expectations

You have so many expectations to live up to that it's easy to forget you have every right to want to live up to your own. Easy to forget that is if it wasn't for that one very annoying and frankly extremely exhausting thing going on in your head.

Tired of inner conflict

Tired of your constant inner conflict?

The conversation in her head has been going on for months, perhaps even years. She's sick and tired of it. It's as though she has two people in her head always coming at the problem from opposite sides. They never agree on anything. It's exhausting!!

Dare Greatly Coaching | Trap of your own making

I owe you an apology

What I’m about to share with you is not easy for me. Let me start with an apology I owe...

Dare Greatly Coaching | Irrational fear

Just because it’s a safe choice doesn’t mean it’s the right one

She went with the safe choice pretty much all of her life. After studying a safe major she landed her...

Dare Greatly Coaching | Killing your inner voice

If only it was easy

Some time ago I decided to no longer just focus my coaching attention on private clients alone but also start moving towards coaching for organisations. My Inner Voice thought this a really bad idea!

Dare Greatly Coaching | Better safe than sorry

Better safe than sorry

I was almost running. The rain was coming down harder now. The trail I was on was narrow and slippery....

Dare Greatly Coaching | Houston we have a problem - dream life

Houston, we have a problem

Or how we can give ourselves the same breaks we will give anybody else

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