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Gerdi is a powerful and grounded coach who is passionate about the natural world and helping business leaders to reconnect with themselves while trekking in the mountains. Gerdi is fun, compassionate and grounded, yet you know she will call you out when you choose to hold on to old patterns, habits and beliefs that no longer serve you. When you next [seek or] have an opportunity to venture into the mountains you will want Gerdi alongside you as your coach, guild and friend!”

-Sue Jackson, Reading, UK | Future Proof Your Business

“I highly recommend Gerdi as a life and executive coach. She offers an expansive space to explore yourself and develops rapport very quickly. Gerdi listens deeply and communicates straight from the heart. Her courage inspires another to take a deep dive and create shifts in their life.

-Ashu Khanna, India| Founder and CEO of Arka Leadership


“Every so often you meet an exceptional human being who blows your mind – Gerdi is that person. She is a high trust leader who operates from her deep commitment to her core values, builds long-term relations ships and is willing to take risks. I always look forward to our conversations as Gerdi is direct, fun, engaging, and intelligent.”

-Tara Newman, NY, USA | Tara Newman Coaching

Tara Newman | Tara Newman Coaching

Andrew Eggelton
“I know when I work in the Business too much I get consumed. With staff, with clients and the daily ins and outs, but what is important as a visionary is being able to have time and space to dream and get clarity. Gerdi Verwoert gives Visionaries, and those who may need to adjust their priorities or values the time and space in the most beautiful and original way. CEO’s, Visionaries, Entrepreneurs or corporates needing to re think …. make this date!”

“Gerdi is a true leader’s coach! She understands corporate lifestyle, stress, and pressure. She is the  master of re-invention, and she confronts fear square in the face every day. Leaders come to her to lead them to an extraordinary view of the mountains, but they leave with an extraordinary view of their lives! Bravo, Gerdi!

-Ana Tampanna, NC, USA | The Connecting Force

Ana Tampanna | The Connecting Force

Diederik Leeman, the Netherlands | Managing Partner at Employment Services

“Gerdi Verwoert is a true professional. She is sharp, bold and not afraid to ‘call a spade a spade’. Her clients perceive her as a results-oriented and observant coach aiming for quality in order to improve performance and output of both the individual as well as the organisation.

Gerdi has an open, enthusiastic and stimulating personality. She is eminently able to help people fully develop their power and strengths. She helps people excel.

As a personal coach she knows, how to quickly and effectively, point her coachees in the right direction.”

-Diederik Leeman, the Netherlands | Managing Partner at Employment Services


“Gerdi is an insightful and talented coach, who is never afraid of asking the questions you most need to answer. Her straight-talking approach is tempered by a kindness and humour which creates an atmosphere that allows you to go deep and get to the heart of whatever challenge or issue you may be facing.

I feel privileged to call her a good friend and I always walk away from our conversations with greater clarity and a sense of possibility! Her unique combination of coaching skills and affinity with the mountains always inspires and grounds, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to reconnect not only with nature but themselves.”

-Dr. Sally Graddon, Former MD, UK | shamanic practitioner, life coach & healer 

“Since meeting Gerdi from Dare Greatly Coaching I knew I wanted to adventure in the Austrian Mountains with her (and take my clients with me), however I wasn’t quite sure I was up to the challenge. When Gerdi suggested a 1-day workshop, Re-ignite Your Vision, which is a brilliant introduction to the mountains, I was intrigued. How could a 1-day workshop set in Richmond Park, London, help me gain more courage?  Well it did!!

Gerdi’s creative and unique presentation, and exercises through the day gave me an overview of what to expect trekking in the alps. We learned how to set our pace, keep focussed on our paths, and many useful experiential techniques to take back out into the world. The main ones for me were how important it was to let go of that pressure that says, walk faster, climb higher and be better. Gerdi cleverly allowed us to get a taste of what would happen during a 3 day trek in the Austrian Alps, and not only did the stunning footage tempt me through any last fears, but my main take away from the day was adventure. There is something about the Dare Greatly Ethos and Gerdi’s patient, kind, practical, encouraging, empowering, expert and no nonsense approach that gave me permission to let go and bring adventure back in my life This was a revelation and something I truly thank her for. It’s changed how I see my day, my life, what pace I bring to each task. For if life isn’t an adventure in each moment, shouldn’t we make it so? And of course if you want any help with this then I’d surely recommend Gerdi Verwoert and her mountains.”

-Jo Courtney, UK| Inner Synergy

After participating in the London workshop Jo joined me for a Dare Greatly Experience on the South West Coast Path in Cornwall (UK).

Not an experienced hiker (or walker as the English would say) Jo Courtney of Inner Synergy felt a bit daunted by the prospect of walking up and down the Cornish cliffs for three days.

Daring greatly she decided to join me in spite of her trepidation and soon found she needn’t have worried!

She let herself be immersed in the vastness and quiet of Cornish coast. Finding quiet and calm within herself. Slowing down she found her own pace and once she did it, it was – to use her own words – as if “you’ve given me my body back”.


“I always go into events with an open mind and an open page of my book to absorb and create from this place because to receive a new fresh perspective is an invitation to move out of old habits. How Gerdi wove our core values and beliefs into old values that we’ve adopted and would like to leave behind by being in nature was seamless and beautiful. My favourite part of the day was being taken into Richmond Park with Gerdi’s slow instructions as we walked and shed the old, to absorb what was coming into our experience was magic. We were blessed to have a family of deer follow our journey too that added to how special the day was. Gerdi creates the space in nature to step out of the ‘busy’ of life so we can slow down, breathe and let whatever’s been waiting in the wings for our stillness to arrive with clarity. Now I can see how being in the mountains of Austria with Gerdi is the perfect journey to shed the old clutter and step into what we want to create rather than going round and round the hamster wheel of busy. Thank you Gerdi!

-Dani Strong, Australia | Mindset + Transformation Coach

Dani Strong

“I highly recommend Gerdi’s Coaching workshop. A dear friend and coach, with a capacity to listen deeply, Gerdi has truly broken free and redesigned her life. The mountains are a metaphor for who she is – steadfast and tall – literally and figuratively :)”

-Ashu Khanna, India| Founder & CEO of Arka Leadership

“I was fortunate to have the pleasure of going on a Dare Greatly Coaching & Guiding trek. An unforgettable experience! The amazing thing about hiking with Gerdi is that if you take the time out to listen, really listen, to not only Gerdi’s great insight but to nature, to your soul, the answers come easily!”

-Kris Bridges, MI, USA | IT specialist

Kris Bridges

Catherine Evans Joines, UK | Business Development Manager
“I have had the pleasure of working with Gerdi for the past few months and I have achieved more than I thought possible.

I always feel supported during our sessions and able to explore what is on my mind, so that I can identify the next steps for me to move forward.  Her direct, no-nonsense approach really suits me and enables me to really get to the heart of the issues that are holding me back or causing me to procrastinate.

I have no hesitation in recommending Gerdi as a coach to anyone who is seeking clarity on issues that are holding them back from reaching the goals or dreams they have set for themselves.

She will help you work out your best path and support you in designing action plans to reach your goals.

-Catherine Evans Joines, United Kingdom | Business Development Manager

“It takes guts to spend a few days exploring your life with Gerdi. She won’t settle for easy answers. She will shamelessly yet with humour confront you with your implicit and explicit excuses for not making the changes in life you so long to make.

Yet isn’t that exactly what you want?

I recommend doing it ‘live’ instead of by telephone. A different context creates a different perspective and isn’t that what you need? If more of the same isn’t working for you anymore, than coaching by Gerdi may be your answer. Spend some time in the mountains with her and discover what you want in life.”

-Audrey Rohen, the Netherlands | Audrey Rohen Organisatieadvies bv

Audrey Rohen

Stefan R. Leppert | Hotel General Manager AlpenParks Hotel & Apartment Orgler Kaprun

“Since I moved to Austria in 2009, Gerdi is a good friend of mine. She is willing to stand up for her convictions and go all out after her goals and dreams. Many people feel blue about their lives but don’t have the courage to change it.

If you really want to fulfill your dreams and achieve your goals, Gerdi will be the perfect coach for you. She knows what she talks about from her own experience and will always be authentic. We have had many deep discussions on numerous hikes and it was always very inspiring for me!

Over the last year I had to make some serious career decisions. For me it has been very helpful to have Gerdi as a sparring partner/coach. Her feedback, point of view and counsel have been extremely helpful and are very important for me.”

~Stefan R. Leppert, Austria | Hotelmanager

“With her fresh look at life, Gerdi gives you broad horizons and new landscapes where you can reach for your dreams.

Through her extensive experience in business and because of her empathic commitment, she knows what questions to ask to make you think about the challenges you are facing and explore new angles. Gerdi really lends you her ear, resulting in a warm encounter even when her direct approach may touch upon some of your sore spots.

Her drive to support others in discovering their real talents pops out every time I meet with her. I go home refreshed and inspired, realising I don’t need to emigrate or even change jobs: Gerdi gave me new perspectives on how to make the most of my talents in my own life.

-AnneMarie Smit, the Netherlands | freelance manager @ KEEK

AnneMarie Smit, The Netherlands | Freelancer @ KEEK

Judith Curfs, The Netherlands | Customer Care
“‘Judith, when on a hike you have to cross a mountain stream to get up the mountain it sometimes is better to take a step back and figure out where stream is narrower or less deep, instead of just blindly forging ahead into freezing water” ~Gerdi Verwoert

Tonight we toasted on this and other beautiful metaphors we talked about while enjoying gorgeous mountain hikes together over the last couple of years.

It was absolutely great to meet up in person again! I am already looking forward to hiking more seemingly non-passable trails, which will be rewarded with a gigantic feeling of accomplishment upon reaching the top!

Thanks, Gerdi!!”

-Judith Curfs, The Netherlands | Customer Care, Zetes

“I worked with Gerdi almost 20 years ago and we kept in contact ever since, as she is a great person, entrepreneur and coach.

It is a pleasure to work with her as she is a solid trustworthy person and you can count on her: “what you see is what you get!”

Also, she is an example in “daring”; she moved to another country “just like that”, started as an entrepreneur and learned new competencies.

We recently re-connected for my coaching quest and here is what I have experienced.

Gerdi knows how to guide you on your way to rediscover yourself and what is truly important to you from many different angels and perspectives. Very quickly she lets you discover qualities you might have forgotten and others you can use to move forward in a positive way.

Thanks to her coaching I realised what was bringing my energy down, what was standing in my way, how I can get rid of those things and how I can move towards realising the life I dream of.

Thank you Gerdi, it has been very constructive and a pleasure to work with you again!”

-drs. Marijke M. Dekker CCMM, the Netherlands | Business Transformation Services

drs. Marijke M. Dekker CCMM, the Netherlands | Business Transformation Services

Esther Chandy, India | Life & Executive Coach
“Gerdi has been the calm thought provoking voice-over when I introspect. She has a special ability to ‘cotton on’ to my wavelength quickly. Her impartial observations take me to a more positive frame of mind from where I am in a better position to strategize my own future. That’s what a great coach does. None of our conversations were forced. They flowed naturally – like talking to a friend, but much much better. Because these conversations were skillfully guided towards my objectives. Even when I lost the plot, she was gentle yet firm to remind me… and so I achieved what I set out to achieve with Gerdi.

The best gift you can give yourself is sessions with Gerdi. The coaching engagement will run its course and finally end. But your life will never be the same.”

-Esther Chandy, India | Life & Executive Coach

“When I first started working with Gerdi, I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed by my own goals, which also affected my self-confidence. Gerdi helped me to see and acknowledge my strengths through gentle and persistent questioning. She helped me “unclutter” my mind, by having me set doable goals while always keeping my eyes on the big picture and not get caught up in the everyday whirlwind. I also had the privilege of going on a hike in her “backyard”, the Austrian Alps, where I used one of her suggestions, and “left” one of my limiting beliefs on the mountain and walked down with my new limitless belief! Let me tell you, the view from top (both literally and figuratively speaking) is as thrilling as Gerdi promised! If you want to “make it happen”, then Gerdi is your coach!

-Lisa Liljeberg, Italy | Dare Dreamers Coaching

Lisa Liljeberg | Dare Dreamers life coach

Dalia Hourani

“I had the pleasure of having Gerdi as my coach, and my experience was extremely enriching. I found her to be supportive, in tune to my needs; moreover, she provided an extremely safe and comfortable environment. It is what I needed to be able to open up and it made all the difference!

I can say with most certainty, that I have experienced personal growth due to our sessions. I am almost in disbelief that there is no more frustration; instead I have faith in my abilities and know what I want.

I am highly grateful, to be so lucky to have had Gerdi as my coach.”

-Dalia Hourani, Lebanon

“Gerdi is an extremely skillful coach. Just a few sessions with her helped me clarify my purpose and set some challenging, yet attainable, goals for the near term. Through her keen listening, artful questioning and subtle refraiming, I was able to uncover aspects of my strengths that I never considered and leverage them to better define my target clients and outline the services that will support them best.

Thanks to Gerdi’s coaching I am now in a stronger position to grow my business, serve my clients, and further discover my own path to the top.

-Steve Miller, Germany | AreteConnecT

Steve Miller, Germany | AreteConnecT

Elisa Benvenuto, Italy | Human Resources
“If you are looking for someone that helps you to:

  • clarify areas in your life, giving them the right size;
  • recognize yourself as the first client to satisfy;
  • balance your professional and private life …
Gerdi is the person you are looking for!
I had the good fortune to have her as my coach and the journey to go deeper in myself was a pleasant surprise that gave me a lot of insight into myself and my motivations. Thank you Gerdi!”

-Elisa Benvenuto, Italy | Human Resources

Gerdi is a very wise person and coaching with her was a great experience. The environment our conversations were held in was very comfortable yet challenging and most importantly, her questions made me think even deeper. I loved her use of metaphors as they resonated with my creative mind, while she took me on a journey and led me through the challenging mountains of entrepreneurial life. I would highly recommend Gerdi when you want your confidence growing, while marching vigorously towards your success!!”

-Axela Rinoa, United Kingdom | Axela Rinoa Coaching

Axela Rinoa, United Kingdom | Axela Rinoa Coaching