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Thoughts On Living Up To Your Own Expectations

How To Dare Greatly And Live Your Own Life
Dare Greatly Coaching | When life teaches you a lesson

When life teaches you a lesson

How did I get myself into this wet mess? What keeps you (and me) from doing the thing we need...

Dare Greatly Coaching | Live by your own rules

How to live by your own rules

Last week I promised to tell you how I’m able to live my own life instead of the life others...

Dare Greatly Coaching | I messed up

I messed up

Today I planned to tell you how using my core values as a measuring stick makes it possible for me...

Dare Greatly Coaching | Summit moments

When it comes to milestone moments in our life I agree with Bear Grylls …

I'm a fan of Bear Grylls. I admit I'm rather jealous of of his back country skills. More important though, I love his outlook on life and the life lessons, taken from nature, that he shares with us!

Dare Greatly Coaching | Inner conversations

Change your ‘in your head conversations’

Earlier this week I was listening to some of Tony Robbins’ stuff, when he said something about the way we use our language. It reminded of how changing the way I talk to myself, always has great impact on me.

Dare Greatly Coaching | Change perspectives

Start looking for the beauty in your life, if you want to feel better about it

It may have you lying on your stomach in a wet mountain meadow to catch the magnificent blue of the gorgeous Gentiana acaulis. It may mean climbing to a mountain top to find other ways out of a valley or gorge. Or perhaps it just means looking at your life from a different angle to discover all is not bad. To be able to see how you can use what is good to change your life for the better.

Dare Greatly Coaching | How you can kick resistance in the butt

How you can kick Resistance in the butt

I've spend much of my life deep in Resistance! Or rather: for much of my life I didn't make any big moves because I was afraid!

A life hack to keep you stay the course towards living your own life

Journaling for me was always a stop-and-go thing. I know how valuable it can be, but at some point I'd put too much pressure on myself to write ‘really meaningful entries’ and stop the practice.

Dare Greatly Coaching | Ignore the people still stopping you

Ignore the people who still stop you from living your own life now

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve walked into an old and very familiar trap. There were lots of things...

Dare Greatly Coaching | Step out of your comfortzone

How I stopped being afraid and then gave up anyway

I'm lying on the ground, looking up at the sky. I can't help but notice how blue and cloudless it is. I curse under my breath. I-AM-NOT-GOING-TO-CRY!!

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