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Thoughts On Blazing Your Own Trail

DGC | Learn from mistakes

When you make a stupid mistake and fall flat on your face

Over-confidence is the downfall of many. In this case quite literally my own!

DGC | Catch the values in your dreams

Don’t panic! It never was about the dreams you had for your life!

Do you remember the dreams you had for your life when you were younger?

DGC | Safely hike mountains

How to safely hike mountains

So often people are surprised to learn I regularly go into the mountains by myself. It’s what I do when...

DGC | Disconnect to connect

You first have to disconnect when you want to connect!

Did you know you can swim up a mountain? At least that's what it felt like I was doing as I hiked up a mountain with one other guide, 4 teachers / supervisors and 40 teenagers aged 14-16.

DGC | Slow down

Want to hear yourself think? Then slow down!

When I bring people into the mountains for a hiking adventure on which strive to relax and in a way find some peace of mind, many have a hard time slowing down.

DGC | Immerse yourself in nature

Think you need to be like Bear Grylls to experience nature? Think again!

You don’t have to be Bear Grylls to immerse yourself in mountains. Or in any other part of Nature for...

DGC | It's okay to be different

People who call you weird are not only rude, but also wrong

When I was in school to my classmates I was the weird kid. I was not like everyone else. I was different. I was stubbornly myself, doing my own thing and not really knowing how to adapt and be more like my classmates.

Dare Greatly Coaching | Gerdi

I had no answer to the question people ask me most until I had this sudden insight

Since moving to Austria from the Netherlands people have asked me what my reason for doing so was. I’ve always...

Dare Greatly Coaching | Fear of the unknown

You don’t have to let fear of the unknown stop you from blazing your own trail

For years my default behaviour when confronted with a difficult choice has been to go for the comfortable and secure route. To not cross the bridge that would lead me to more adventurous but less comfortable and secure trails.

Is Your Heart Burned Out? This Is How I Rekindled My Fire!

For the longest time I held on tight to my accomplishments, to my career, to things I had acquired along...

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