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Thoughts On Living Up To Your Own Expectations

How To Dare Greatly And Live Your Own Life
Dare Greatly Coaching | Houston we have a problem - dream life

Houston, we have a problem

Or how we can give ourselves the same breaks we will give anybody else

Dare Greatly Coaching | Recovering perfectionist - dream life

Are you hiding behind perfectionism too?

It’s time to fess up! I’m a recovering perfectionist. Let me explain! I often say this flippantly, but it’s true!...

Dare Greatly Coaching | Favourite childhood toy - dream life

Your favourite childhood toy

A strange question perhaps, but do you remember what your favourite childhood toy was? And why?

Dare Greatly Coaching | Plan dream life out of the window

When things don’t go according to plan…. At all!

I'm sure you've had days you had really planned out rather nicely only for for the whole plan to go out of the window almost first thing in the morning? That's exactly what happened to me today.

Dare Greatly Coaching | Value your strengths - dream life

Think your strengths nothing special? Change your perspective!

“I wish my strengths were cooler. I don't think they're strengths. They're all so - I don't know - wishy washy and boring.”

I (almost) was a trucker

I bet you didn’t know I was (almost) a trucker! Right?! It’s true though! Ever since I was a little girl...

Dare Greatly Coaching | Embrace the suck

Embrace the suck!

Yep! That’s right! Embrace the suck! Lean in! Roll with the punches! Suck it up! I’m sure there are other...

Dare Greatly Coaching | I'm not a hypocrite

I’m not a hypocrite! (but I came close)

Like most of us I like to think I'm not a hypocrite. But recently, I came very close to being one. Luckily some people I respect a lot held up a mirror to me!

Dare Greatly Coaching | When life teaches you a lesson

When life teaches you a lesson

How did I get myself into this wet mess? What keeps you (and me) from doing the thing we need...

Dare Greatly Coaching | Live by your own rules

How to live by your own rules

Last week I promised to tell you how I’m able to live my own life instead of the life others...

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