Today I started walking

Today I started walking
Photo by Sonja Guina via Stocksnap

Recently someone on LinkedIn asked their connections to name one song that reflects the service they provide.

I knew immediately what that song is for me. One by the Dutch duo Acda & De Munnik called ‘Vandaag ben ik gaan lopen‘. In English ‘Today I started walking’. It reflects not only the service I provide; the work I do. It also reflects the way I want to live and live my life; my Best Life.

It captures perfectly the process we go through when we come to a point in life where we have to decide whether we want to live our own life or continue to live someone else’s.

The song describes how — when you share your desire to live your own life with others — everybody has an opinion about it. And how they don’t hesitate to express it; whether you asked for it or not.

It describes perfectly how scary it is to start walking your own trail through life, but how it also feels like you’re finally moving again. No longer stuck.

And it captures exactly what it’s like to start walking anyway.

Original lyrics and translation of 'Vandaag ben ik gaan lopen' by Acda & De Munnik, 2004. Image by Sonja Guina via Stocksnap
Vandaag ben ik gaan lopen / Today I started walking. Acda & De Munnik, 2004

As always …

Go dare greatly!

— Gerdi