201911366 - DGC Coaching

Your Coach is your biggest supporter!

People who are at the top of their field, no matter if it’s their career or their life, know they’ll perform better when they have someone who helps them become (even) better at what they do. Someone with no emotional attachment to the outcome of their actions but still is their biggest supporter.

I don’t only listen to you; I hear you too! I don’t just look at you; I also see you. I support you, hold you accountable and cheer you on!

I don’t let you get away with easy answers to uncomfortable questions. You don’t want me to. You hire a coach exactly because they ask you the questions you are a little bit scared to answer. A coach that will help you move out of your comfort zone and a little closer to where you want to go.

It’s Your Life!

No matter whether you believe life ends after this one or there will be more to come, one thing is undeniable: it’s your life! You get to decide how you live it!

I help you (re)connect with what’s truly important to you and discover how you can live a balanced life; a balance that is uniquely yours. With my support, you develop and implement a life map that can take you there.

When you want to live a more balanced life, it is never too late and the best time to start is now. Age is only a limiting factor when you decide it is. No need to let your age dictate the way you spend the remainder of your life.

That's the right direction

Living your Own Life or Someone Else’s?

Without realising it we’re often completely caught up in living up to other people’s expectations. It’s up to us to A) be aware of them and B) consciously choose whether we want to live up to them.

How do you know whether you’re mainly — or only — living up to other people’s expectations and thus living someone else’s life? Explore how you feel about your life and things that are being asked of you. Is there anger, resentment, unhappiness? If so, examine the trail through life you’re walking.

As your guide and coach, I’ll help you explore and map the path you want to take through life. Reminding you of the direction you want to go while leaving enough room for adventure too.

Successful Yet Unhappy?

Successful in life and career! That’s great! Unhappy and feeling stuck despite that success?

Let’s set about changing that. I’ll help you discover what is the cause of your unhappiness and get back on your own life’s trail. To figure out what you want your life to be all about and what is missing in the way you’re living life right now.

Successful And Happy?

That’s great! Fantastic! Coaching is not just for people who want to change things about their lives. Plenty of successful people work with a coach to get even better at what they do or to stay on track.

As your coach I will dare you to keep challenging yourself and to go even deeper into what life for you is all about.

Living a daring life has no real destination. It’s a way of life! Your Life!

That's where we're heading

In-Person, Online or on the phone?

Obviously — since I love bringing people into the quiet expanse of mountains — I prefer to work in-person. BUT … I work online or via the phone as well.

Clients who’ve come into the mountains with me continue to work with me when they get home. They want continued support and accountability as they go on walking their life’s trail, mapped out by them as we were trekking through Nature.

Others prefer to work with me from the comfort of their own location. At some point, they may decide to join me on a mountain trek, but not everyone does. Working in separate locations is, of course, different from working in person, but just like an in-person coaching experience can create great results.

Besides, no matter how we work together, Nature is always my coaching partner, my co-conspirator.

When working remotely she joins us in the form of metaphors and stories that relate closely to your situation and speak directly to your psyche. And when we both have a good phone connection we can also use the natural spaces in our respective locations.

Are You Living a Daring Life?

It takes guts and courage to deliberately choose a path that leads you away from the many expectations — dreams even —  that others have for you.

It is, however, also incredibly rewarding. To find out what you want your life to be all about and then actively — daringly —  choose to live that way. Not just for a moment, but for the rest of your life.

As we trek among mountains you’ll discover all you’re capable off and so much more. I’ll be your coach and guide, but you’ll set the ultimate course!

As always …

Go dare greatly!

— Gerdi