Connect with Nature, part 6: Watch Nature TED Talks

Nature TED talk

Ever since I first saw a TED talk I’ve been a fan of the platform. So many talks by people who are passionate about subjects ranging from birth to death and from the tiniest amoeba to the expansiveness of the universe.

Good TED talks somehow manage to be both educational and fun. What a great way to connect with and learn more about something new or deepen one’s knowledge about the familiar.

In many of my favourite TED Talks Nature is a major character!

Below I’ve listed a couple of Nature TED talks that can be used not just to connect with Nature when you’ve got no or only limited access to it, but are also a fun way to perhaps learn something new.


1.) How trees talk to each other by Suzanne Simard

I’ve always been convinced that humans are not the only species that communicate. Always known that animals do too.

However, I was blown away by the fact that trees communicate as well. It completely changed the way I look at a forest.


2.) How we’re saving one of Earth’s last wild places by Steve Boyes

The Okavango Delta in Botswana is an amazing place: Africa’s largest remaining wetland wilderness. Not just home to one of my favourite wild animals, the African elephant, but to countless other wildlife too.

In his TED talk Dr. Steve Boyes takes us on a journey through the Okavango. Sharing with us how he came to be an expert on this unique, landlocked swamp land and why it is so important to protect it.

“[…] preserving wilderness is far more than simply protecting ecosystems that clean the water we drink and create the air we breathe. Preserving wilderness protects our basic human right to be wild — our basic human rights to explore.” ~ Dr. Steve Boyes


3.) Animal tales from icy wonderlands by Paul Nicklen

I always thought of leopard seals as ferocious and extremely dangerous animals. Disney might have played a role in that, because I once saw a movie where a leopard seal viciously attacked a sled dog that had crashed through the ice.

But when I saw a beautiful shot of just such an animal as the promo shot for this TED talk by Paul Nicklen I was intrigued. Enough to take some time to watch it.

I came away with a completely new perception and appreciation for this animal of the icy waters of the arctic. And so will you.


4.) Dive into an ocean photographer’s world by Thomas Peschak

After seeing the movie Jaws I pretty much abandoned swimming in the ocean. Well, any kind of open water really. The creatures living in those waters may be beautiful, but most of them are too scary for my taste.

Still, I’m fascinated by many animals that live in the world’s oceans. Whales, dolphins, sharks, all amazing creatures. Especially when you think about how long they — as species — have been inhabiting this planet.

I’m in awe of people who dare to enter that — to me at least — scary world to show us the beauty of the flora and fauna that are at home there.

People like Thomas Peschak.


5.) Nature. Beauty. Gratitude. by Louie Schwartzberg

Time lapse photography can show us events that with the naked eye we’d never be able to see. Or rather take time to see.

We may be curious about how a flower blossoms from a tiny bud into a beautiful rose, but we never take the time to actually sit and watch it happen. It just takes too long.

Luckily there’s Louie Schwartzberg who — with unending patience records just such natural marvels. It makes for absolutely stunning video!!


What’s your favourite Nature TED talk? Let me know in the comments below, on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.

As always …

Go dare greatly!

— Gerdi

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