It’s time for a new normal

This can NOT be the new normal! — Photo by Adam Niescioruk via Unsplash

Now that I’ve unmuted myself (read this blog post to find out why I muted myself), it may seem as though — after a week of amplifying melanated voices (#amplifymelanatedvoices) in my social media feeds — things have returned ‘back to normal’.

But things can’t return to normal.

Not after COVID-19 and a worldwide pause for the human race. And most certainly not after the way racism and prejudices have been put in the spotlight worldwide in a way that no longer can be ignored. 

Time for a new normal

Nobody can in good conscience return to the way it was. It is time for a new normal!

What will that look like exactly? Honestly? I don’t know.

What I do know is that waiting for politicians, corporations and organisations to create that new normal is not going to work.

A new kind of leadership is needed. Less motivated by power and money. More mindful, selfless and compassionate.

Not just amongst humans whatever our background, orientation, ethnicity, religion and more, but also towards Nature and this beautiful planet we live on.

Ordinary people like you and me

This new kind of leadership starts with each one of us. With ordinary people like you and me.

In this video, I talk more about why I believe we have to become leaders in our own lives when we are to create that new normal where mindfulness, selflessness and compassion are the leadership drivers instead of the kind of power-driven leadership we see on display right now.


As always …

Go dare greatly!

— Gerdi