Why bother being a leader in your own life? Well, …

Why even bother? Well, because ...
Photo by Hudson Hintze via Unsplash

Leadership and specifically the kind I believe is needed going forward has been on my mind a lot.

In the past leadership was simply an interesting subject of conversations with friends and clients. An exchange of ideas. Discussions about styles of leadership; our own and those of others. Effective and ineffective.

Recently I started to write and talk more publicly about the kind of leadership I believe is needed to recover from the current chaos and create a different, better world. As I’ve written before, I’m convinced the change needed will have to come from ordinary people like you and me.

In response, people have asked me: “Why bother? Why should I become a leader in my own life? How can I affect change when it’s just me?”

That’s just it! When we change the way we lead in our own lives, we touch and change the lives of others.

I recently did a video on this very subject.


As always …

Go dare greatly!

— Gerdi

P.S. — The video on ‘Leadership lessons from dancing guy’ I refer to in my video can be found HERE