Connect with Nature, part 4: Look at images of Nature

Look at images of Nature
Night Landscape by Elvira Podolinska via Getty Images Pro

Research has shown that being in Nature reduces stress. Provided of course you’re not being chased by some dangerous animal or about to fall off a cliff.

When you can’t be in Nature but at least have a view of it, say out of your office window, researchers tells us you may not experience stress reduction to the same extent but you still experience less stress than people without views of Nature.

But what if you don’t have either? No or very little access to a natural space or a view of it?

Studies have shown that looking at images of Nature reduces stress too. Not to the same extent as actually being outdoors does, but still noticeable.

One of the easiest places to access gorgeous images of Nature is Instagram.

Reduce stress by creating a Nature inspired Instagram feed

I’m fortunate to have the Great Outdoors at my doorstep and have a view of it out of every window, but I still have an Instagram feed that is filled with photos of beautiful mountains, forests and more. I love seeing the world through the eyes of phenomenal photographers. And I love seeing images that make me dream of someday visiting the places in them.

Here are 5 Instagram accounts of some of the worlds best and my favourite Nature photographers that will offer you exquisite feeds to scroll through and help reduce stress. Or make you dream of real or imagined travels that will take you to the places captured in them.

Images of Nature: IG Chris Burkard

1.) Chris Burkard

Voted into Forbes’ top 10 social influencers in 2017 Chris Burkard is first and foremost an incredible photographer and film maker with a love for extreme cold water (and weather it seems) surfing. He even made a movie, ‘Under an Arctic Sky’, about it.

His sharp eye for Nature’s unusual and intriguing patterns makes for beautiful, sometimes almost otherworldy photos.

Images of Nature: IG Marc Adamus

2.) Marc Adamus

Marc Adamus seems to have a particular love for mountains as they dominate his Instagram feed.

His photos don’t have people in them and perhaps because of that take on an almost mystical quality.

Add to that the way he uses light in his work and it is no wonder his photos draw us deep into the world he shows us.

Images of Nature:  IG Ronan Donovan

3.) Ronan Donovan

Not a landscape photographer rather one that captures wildlife. Especially wolves who rank in my personal top 3 of favourite wild animals.

A field biologist before he became a photographer, Ronan works for National Geographic and for that reason alone is bound to have a wonderful portfolio. He has the gift of telling a story with the images he captures that make words unnecessary.

Images of Nature: IG C hristina Mittermeier

4.) Christina Mittermeier

Another National Geographic photographer, Christina Mittermeier is passionate about making people aware of world’s wild places worth protecting.

A marine biologist by trade, she took up the camera when she realised she could have a greater impact on the world as a photographer, showing us images of landscapes and animals in danger of disappearing.

Images of Nature: IG Frans Lanting

5.) Frans Lanting

I’ve been following Frans Lanting’s work for years.

Although he does amazing landscape photography, it’s his work that captures animals I like best.

He seems to be able to show us the world through his subjects’ eyes. Even published a book called ‘Eye to Eye’ focused solely on the eyes of wild animals. (Check it out! It’s amazing.)

What are some of your favourite Instagram accounts focused on Nature? Share with me in the comment section, in an email or by commenting on my post on Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook.

As always …

Go dare greatly!

— Gerdi

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