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Find What Your Life Is All About
Online Course: € 169


Over the last couple of months, many people were forced to put their lives on hold as entire countries went into a COVID-19 induced lockdown.

Some will have seen this unexpected pause in their lives as an opportunity to reflect on the way they have lived life so far. Some may even have come to the conclusion that don’t want life to return to ‘normal’. Instead they want to create a ‘new normal’ for their lives.

The Course: 8 videos* over 8 days — Your investment € 169

*Audio-only versions of the content are also provided

Since you’re here and still reading this, I am so bold as to assume that at least on some level, you have come to that conclusion too. Now you want to figure out what you want your life to be all about.

Finding out what that looks like to you and then living in alignment with it, means you become a leader in your own life. Or as I like to call it: you take on personal or authentic leadership.

The Find What Life Is About Course is a virtual mountain trek designed to help you figure out what is truly important to you. A trek much like the actual mountain treks I bring my clients on, only without the actual experience of walking among them.

It is designed so you can create a life in line with your most important values, your  E S S E N C E.

So you can become an authentic leader in your own life and inspire others to become leaders in theirs.

Over the course of 8 days you will receive 8 brief videos*.

*Audio-only versions of the content are also provided

As the videos bring you along on the virtual trek we’ll cover:

  • Day 1 – things that cause you stress
  • Day 2 – your roles and beliefs
  • Day 3 – letting go
  • Day 4 – things truly important to you
  • Day 5 – the foundation of your purpose
  • Day 6 – setting strong boundaries
  • Day 7 – your life purpose
  • Day 8 – how to go on from here

Taking all the steps in this course is your first — and most important — step towards becoming an authentic leader in your own life.

Of that kind of leadership more, much more is needed.

Leadership that is grounded in core values, mindfulness, selflessness and compassion instead of power, money and economic growth. It seems more and more unlikely that kind of leadership will be displayed by current world and corporate ‘leaders’.

It starts with ordinary people like you and me!

It starts by first living in line with our E S S E N C E, our core values.

It starts by becoming leaders in our own life!