Are you grounded?

Are you grounded?
© Gerdi Verwoert 2012 | Can you see the hiker? Compared to mountains we are so small!

We don’t really know how magnificent, ancient and enormous mountains are until we walk amongst them.

We don’t really know how small — some might even say insignificant — we are in relation to them. Just look at the hiker in the photo above.

When walking among them everything else slips into perspective. Any challenges, problems we face become a little less … challenging. Less problematic. Some even inconsequential.

We realise the mountains were there long before we came along and will be there long after we’re gone, we (re)connect with the Earth, with Nature. We ground ourselves, letting access energy — caused by our stressful lives — flow out of us. Clearing our minds. Releasing tension from our body.

To connect to Nature is to connect to ourselves

As we (re)connect to Earth, to Nature, we (re)connect with ourselves too. With clear minds, it is much easier to remember or figure out who we are at our core, who we are in our E S S E N C E.

By that I mean, that we can once again connect with the values that are at the heart of who we are! We can become grounded in them.

When grounded in our core values …

  • we have a stronger sense of self
  • it is easier to identify our purpose
  • it is easier to react in challenging situations
  • it is easier to differentiate between what’s important and what’s not
  • it is easier to make difficult decisions

What are the values you are grounded in?

When you’ve never connected with your core values before, you may find these resources helpful:

As always …

Go dare greatly!

— Gerdi