Why you should overcome obstacles and not give up

DGC | Move with the mountain

​You know how you sometimes find yourself facing an obstacle, or challenge that stands between you and your goals?

It can be so tempting to give up. To think there’s no point in going on or even starting because it’s too hard or too much trouble.

Maybe some of you think you won’t succeed anyway, so why bother at all?

Lord knows I’ve had thoughts along these and similar lines more often than I care to remember.

Truth be told there have been lots of times when I gave in to these thoughts too.

Often not consciously, I can see how part of me was convinced I would fail anyway.

This explains what were – I can now see – my halfhearted attempts at going after certain goals.

What I can also see is that goals I only halfheartedly went after often weren’t my own goals.

They came out of performance evaluations. Or I thought it was something I had to do because it was what you did as a (project) manager or even as a coach/entrepreneur starting out.

Still, …..

Even when the goals you’re striving for are your own, it can be tempting to give up – sometimes even before you start. But when you overcome whatever stands between you and your goal …. 

So what is one of your goals you’ll overcome obstacles for?

As always….

Go dare greatly!