Don’t let someone else decide when it’s time for you to stop

DGC | Heed the signs

I waited too long until I pressed pause! Instead it was done for me!

I guess the best way to subscribe what happened is that my subconscious mind decided it would press pause for me.

I’d been getting warned for at least 2 years. Warnings I either didn’t recognise or chose to ignore.

> I was always tired, but figured I’d rest when on holiday

> I never ate healthy anymore and was seriously overweight

> I was always cold no matter how many layers of clothing I wore or how high I turned up the heat

> I’d literally feel sick while getting ready for work

> I often fell asleep when driving and sometimes wished I would have a small accident. One that would land me in bed for at least 2 weeks.

I have half-jokingly said my burnout – for that is what it was – was the best thing that happened to me.

It took me almost 18 months to get back from that burnout. Much of it felt like living at the bottom of a dark pit, but it taught me a lot about myself and the way I was living life. Or rather not living it.

Most importantly it taught me to press pause long before I get to the point where someone or something does it for me.

When you’re stretched as thin, pulled in as many directions, stressed-out and tired as I was, you’re of no use to anyone. Least of all yourself!

So heed the warning signs. Press pause before it’s too late!

As always….

Go dare greatly!