When you make a stupid mistake and fall flat on your face

DGC | Learn from mistakes

After a long descent I finally came to a level stretch of the trail. Still excited about the gorgeous views I had been sneaking glimpses off on my way down, I put away my trekking poles.

On a level trail like the one stretching out before me I wouldn’t have to concentrate so much on where to put my feet. I would have more opportunities to keep moving while also taking in the views.

All perfectly true, until I made a very basic and under other circumstances very stupid mistake: I got over-confident and no longer concentrated on what I was doing!

Over-confidence is the downfall of many. In this case quite literally my own!

I tripped and tried desperately to stay on my feet. Failing miserably, I went down. Almost as if in slow-motion I noticed every rock on which I could seriously injure myself. Not being able to stop my fall I ‘chose’ what seemed the safest landing spot: an alpine rose bush.

Downfalls and face-plants of any kind are obviously something I want to avoid. As a trained guide & coach who brings people into the mountains I especially like to avoid the literal ones.

Just like other leaders I like to think of myself as determining direction, as leading by example. I like to think of myself as someone who inspires confidence in others, enough to stretch themselves, to take on challenges.

Hard as we try to avoid making mistakes, they are part of the curriculum too. Our mistakes are what make us human and relatable.

As leaders, whether in our organisations, our business, our communities or as parents, we have to own our mistakes.

We have to learn from them and share the lessons with the people we lead. It’s not our mistakes but rather what we do with them that matters.

The lesson I took from my face-plant? It is essential to pay attention to what you’re doing, even or especially when things are seemingly easy.

How do you make sure you learn and share the lessons from your mistakes?

As always….

Go dare greatly!