I am muted.

I am muted.

This is not a regular update. I am muted this week.

I’ve muted my usual social media strategy. Instead, I’m sharing work of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour on social media to amplify their voices #amplifymelanatedvoices

My next newsletter was ready to go out yesterday. I had this weeks social media strategy mapped out. 

But as I followed the news coming from the US, seeing what was — what is — happening to Black people, listening to their voices, reading their stories, following that strategy seemed to me to be pretending that nothing serious is going on. To me that felt like being part of the problem.

When you think “That’s not a European/Dutch/Austrian/British/… problem”, think again.

Learn about the role Europe and its countries played in the history of slavery.
Learn about racism and prejudice in our own societies and institutions.
Learn about our own racism and prejudices, because you can be sure we are racist and have prejudices. I’m not proud of it, but I know I do.

Let’s educate ourselves and in doing so learn how we can help bring an end to racism and prejudice.

Let’s not do this just this week, but continue to do so long after it has passed.

When you want to learn more, you can find resources by following some of the people mentioned on my Instagram feed and stories and start there.

As always …

Go dare greatly!

— Gerdi