People who call you weird are not only rude, but also wrong

DGC | It's okay to be different

When I was in school to my classmates I was the weird kid. I was not like everyone else. I was different.

I was stubbornly myself, doing my own thing and not really knowing how to adapt and be more like my classmates.

Kids can be cruel and they made sure I knew how weird they thought I was.

Eventually I realised that adapting would make life a lot easier, so I did.

I adapted so well, that I lost the connection with the part of me that was myself.

Still, I could always feel something wasn’t quite right; something was uncomfortable. I ignored it for long stretches of time, but it would always pop back up.

Something inside would push against the well-adapted person I had become. And I would push back. Hard!

Not realising it was the authentic part of me trying to get my attention.

I would feel like that kid in the schoolyard – afraid to once again be seen as the weird one.

Until the uncomfortable feeling could no longer be ignored.

I started on a journey to reconnect with the self I lost as I morphed into what I thought others expected me to be.

Since then I’ve come a long way already and though my journey continues, being different is no longer something to hide.

Finding out that others are on the same journey or want to be on it, has also been a comfort.

None of them, none of us striving to be different or weird. All of us just striving to be connected to and be ourselves.

Are you one of us?

As always….

Go dare greatly