We are part of Nature

Little girl standing with arms raised on a rock in the middle of a stram
Photo: Hakase_ from Getty Images

Do you think we can truly be connected to ourselves without being connected with Nature?  I don’t! I strongly believe we can’t be truly connected with ourselves, when we were not also connected with Nature.

We need Nature to thrive; both as a species and as individuals. It’s why so many self-care tips include things like going for a walk in a forest 🌲🌳 or along the beach 🏖.

Dormant and waiting to be awakened

Our connection to Nature is still within all of us. Dormant and waiting to be awakened.

For me, that awakening happened among mountains ⛰🌄 and I’ve been guiding people into Nature, re-connecting them with Nature and themselves ever since.

We are part of Nature. If you didn’t realise this already, then what’s happening right now with corona and climate change is driving this message home.

And if that hasn’t convinced you, then maybe this excellent and important movie by David Attenborough will! 

As a good friend of mine put it “it’s wonderful, shocking, heart breaking, all at the same time”. But it also has a message of hope.

Too important not to share

I don’t usually recommend movies or documentaries to watch, but this one has a message too important not to share.


As always …

Go dare greatly!

— Gerdi