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Thoughts On Blazing Your Own Trail

Dare Greatly | Go outside

Why You Should Take Your Stress Outside

If you've been following me online anywhere (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, my website), it can't have escaped your notice that the outdoors are an important part of what I do. After all, the first thing I like to do when clients start to work with me is bring them into the mountains for 4 days.

Dare Greatly | Counting points

What you can learn from Weight Watchers’ points counting about reducing stress

About 16 years ago I was heavier than I had ever been: around 105 kg or about 231 lbs. Over the course of a couple of years I had slowly been gaining weight, but as I looked in the mirror one morning I decided it was enough!

Dare Greatly | Scary stories

The scary stories you tell yourself are part of why you don’t dare greatly

Isn’t it curious how good we are at dispensing advice to those around us and how hard it is for...

DGC | Stop

When you need to stop being too busy to take time out

“STOP! STOP telling me about how incredibly busy you are!” That’s what I often want to say to people who...

DGC | Heed the signs

Don’t let someone else decide when it’s time for you to stop

I waited too long until I pressed pause! Instead it was done for me! I guess the best way to...

DGC | Move with the mountain

Why you should overcome obstacles and not give up

​You know how you sometimes find yourself facing an obstacle, challenge that stands between you and your goals? It can...

DGC | Learn from mistakes

When you make a stupid mistake and fall flat on your face

Over-confidence is the downfall of many. In this case quite literally my own!

DGC | Catch the values in your dreams

Don’t panic! It never was about the dreams you had for your life!

Do you remember the dreams you had for your life when you were younger?

DGC | Safely hike mountains

How to safely hike mountains

So often people are surprised to learn I regularly go into the mountains by myself. It’s what I do when...

DGC | Disconnect to connect

You first have to disconnect when you want to connect!

Did you know you can swim up a mountain? At least that's what it felt like I was doing as I hiked up a mountain with one other guide, 4 teachers / supervisors and 40 teenagers aged 14-16.

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