When things don’t go according to plan…. At all!

I’m sure you’ve had days you had really planned out rather nicely only for for the whole plan to go out of the window almost first thing in the morning? That’s exactly what happened to me today.

I always plan out my day the night before. Last night was no different.

Thinking I had a pretty good idea of what was on my calendar, I didn’t check it when I made my plan for today.

This morning though, after I was done writing my Morning Pages, something made me check. Turned out I had an appointment at the hairdresser in a little over an hour.

An appointment that would take me 30 minutes to get to. That left me with 30 minutes to shower, walk the dog and eat breakfast.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’m not that fast! Not in the morning, I’m not. So I did the first 2 things, skipped breakfast and arrived at the hair studio exactly on time.

Going to the hairdresser for me is an absolute treat. I love getting a good head massage and haircut. So even though it would take a big chunk of time out of my scheduled day, I was really enjoying myself.

That is until the phone rang and my plan for the day went well and truly out of the window, never to return.

Find out why and which life lesson I took away from it

Yesterday before going to bed, I planned the next day. Just as I always do. What I forgot to do though is check my calendar.

As always….

Go dare greatly!

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