Think your strengths nothing special? Change your perspective!

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“I wish my strengths were cooler. I don’t think they’re strengths. They’re all so – I don’t know – wishy washy and boring.”

As I listened to my client explaining his strengths – or rather what he thought of as his weaknesses – it struck me how many of us have strengths we consider to be nothing special.

Read on below or watch the video I did on this very subject.


How we don’t see the ways in which they are helpful to us in our careers and lives. Not even when people come to us with requests for help, because of those very strengths.

How we don’t see the ways in which they can be useful as we start making changes that are to take us into the career or life we want.

We compare ourselves to others with strengths and talents we wish we had and totally ignore or even sell ourselves short when it comes to our own.

As in the case of my client whose many strengths included ‘Deliberative’ and ‘Restorative’. How – he asked – were these a) strengths and b) useful in the career of coaching and mediation he wanted to switch to?

To him these strengths just weren’t inspiring!

They had no spunk! They were just some soft skills!

Only when he started looking at them from a different angle did he see the value they would bring to his new career.

Deliberative people for example are great at helping others think through their decisions and being a sounding board.

And people who have ‘restorative’ as a strength have a special talent for solving problems.

Two strengths that are incredibly useful to a coach and mediator.

So what are your strengths?!

Have no idea yet?

Start paying attention to the requests for help your colleagues and friends come to you for. Especially those that involve something you react to with something like “Oh, that’s easy. That’ll just take a minute”.

Ask people what they think are your strengths. And then ask yourself….

How do you use them in your life / career right now?

How can you put them to good use towards or in the life / career you want?


What are your strengths and how are you applying them towards your life / career? Hit reply and let me know!

As always….

Go dare greatly!

Photo by Ngia-Le (Unsplash)