You are the reaching!

Photo credit: Alessandro Viaro

It is easy to get discouraged when you’re finally making that jump into the life that you’ve always wanted. When you’ve decided to change the life you’ve been living because it has not turned out the way you planned it – at all!!

It is easy to get discouraged because the different life you’re starting to create is not immediately getting off to an easy start.

There will be times when you walk a path only to find it wasn’t right and you’ll have to start looking for a different one.

There will be moments when you’ll feel you’ve got it all within your grasp only to find you’re not (quite?) there yet.

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Each time will be a win. A new lesson learned.

Because you’ll know you’ve tried.

Because you’ll know you’ll try again

Because you’ll know you won’t be saying: “If only I had …”

Because you’ll know you’re not the stars you reached for and didn’t catch!

Because you’ll know you are the reaching!(*)

As always….

Go dare greatly!