When just a peek at the view is no longer enough, climb all the way to the top!

Photo credit: ‘Freedom’ by Makunin (pixabay)

Climbing mountains, real or metaphorical, can be a challenging, at times even gruelling. It can feel like we’ll never see the end of it. Will we ever reach the summit? Will it be worth all the sweat, tears and yes, cursing too? We won’t know until we get there!

Here’s the thing though ….

Every mountain I’ve ever climbed, no matter how hard climbing it was, has always rewarded me with an incredible view ….

Even ….

When I didn’t quite reach the top …

When I had to admit this was not the day I’d get there …

I found that …

The view from just beneath the top can be breath taking too!

‘Only’ reaching a point just beneath the top was the best I could do for now.

And I knew the next time ….

I would reach that summit!

Even ….

When I didn’t really have to anymore, because …

I had seen what I needed to see.

I had experienced what I needed to experience.

I had learned the lesson I needed to learn.

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Sometimes …

It is about knowing when to stop …

About knowing you’ve done all you can do … today.

And take another shot at it tomorrow.

You will take another shot! Because …

You have gotten a taste, a glimpse, a sense of actually standing on top of that mountain.

And just having that is no longer enough!

As always….

Go dare greatly!