Should you listen to your heart? Absolutely!

Photo credit: Stockpic via Pixabay

Ever since I decided to follow my heart, my life has become so much more enjoyable. Perhaps not always easier, but definitely much more in sync with my nature and passions.

It’s funny how lots of other things too changed for the better. Most noticably my health. My weight dropped to a healthy number. My general fitness increased. I wake up refreshed and excited to start the day. My stress level dropped enormously.

Oh, and I have the best back yard (Hohe Tauern Nationalpark) I can think of.

Case in point:

I’ve not been making the kind of money I used to by a long shot and my monetary means are therefore much more limited than they used to be. I have to seriously think about what it is I spend my money on. I nevertheless decided to invest in myself by finding a coach to help me face my fears, my challenges and stay the course.

As a result I finally took the plunge and invested in myself again to become a certified coach and finally start combining mountain hiking with coaching. Something I’ve been dreaming of since I’ve discovered my passion for hiking mountains. Those investments don’t just take time, they also take some serious money and therefore serious commitment.

How do I know I’m on the right track? My heart is telling me I am. Since I started closely listening to my heart, confidence in myself and the trail I’ve chosen has increased tremendously. I can’t really remember ever having felt so right about the direction I’m heading in.

Your turn! Are you listening closely to your heart? What is it telling you? 

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As always…

Go dare greatly!