Really stressed to make that deadline? Time to relax!

Photo credit: Noel Bauza (StockSnap.IO)

When is the time to relax? Exactly! When you don’t have time for it!

More easily said than done! Right?

At least it is for me. Though over my career in project and interim management I’ve often found myself giving exactly this advice to people.

I would tell them to just relax. I would tell them that “we’ve got it”, whatever “it” was; hitting a deadline, staying within budget, whatever. While at the same time having my whole body tense up at the thought of not hitting that deadline, of not staying within budget.

Was I able to think clearly, come up with new ideas and solutions for ‘problems’ we were facing while I was so stressed out? Mostly no!

But I learned!

I learned it helps me to stop and take a break when I am really stressed out.

I learned that will be exactly when I have to tell my dog we’re going for a walk. When I’m really stressed out I might even take him on a hike (which really is just a much longer walk 🙂 )

Or I might do a mini dance party with just me as the guest and dance the stress out of my body to the sound of some great 70’s disco music. (Yes, I grew up in the 70’s. I’m old! So bite me!)

Because on those walks, those hikes and during those mini parties my body relaxes, my mind relaxes and positive energy starts to flow again.

I then get to go back to tackling whatever it was I was dealing with, with lots of room for fresh ideas and lots of positive energy to take it all on.

HOW ABOUT YOU? What do you do when you think you don’t have time for anything else? Where and how do you fill up on the positive energy you need to keep going? 

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As always…

Go dare greatly!