Ready for the weekend?

Ready for the weekend
© Gerdi Verwoert 2014 | Man, that water was COLD!! 🥶🥶

Yep!! We’re still social distancing here in Austria. I’m pretty sure that’s the case where you are too. You might even still be in lock-down. 

Luckily lock-down measures are slowly being lifted around here. Shops and services (including hairdressers) have been opening their doors again. (Side note: I know it is totally unimportant in the grand scheme of things, but boy! did I enjoy getting my hair cut this week).

As we’re getting used to a normal that’s different from the ‘pre-corona normal’, many are dealing with uncertainty and anxiety about the future.

Take some time to play

One way of taking that pressure off — at least for a little while — is to take some time to play. Yep! That’s what I just said: play!

When was the last time you did something just because you knew it would be good fun? Even or especially when everyone else around you pointed out to you what you were about to do was rather childish? As in ‘something a child would do’?

To give in to the impulse to play like a child every now and again is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

To give in to that impulse even when there are no children, only ‘grownups’, around may take some courage, but might be one of the best gifts you can give those ‘grownups’.

For haven’t we all at some time or another secretly envied people who dare to play?

Multiply the fun

When you dare to play, you invite others to play with you. To give themselves permission to join in the fun. And in doing so multiply the fun.

And when you have people in your life who will join you in your playful endeavours, know yourself to be blessed.

What ‘childish something’ will you be doing this weekend?

Inspire others to play by sharing your ‘childish somethings‘ with me on Facebook or LinkedIn. Or simply leave a comment below.

As always …

Go dare greatly!