Life Got More Scary And Fun When I Finally Found My Courage

On the day I was to hand over the keys to my house to the new owners, I found myself sitting on its stairs and having a good cry. I was scared and couldn’t help wondering, what the h*ll I had gotten myself into.

When people hear I gave up my corporate career and started heading in an entirely different direction which resulted in my selling my house in the Netherlands, moving to the mountains in Austria, as well as towards an uncertain future, they often react with “I wish I could do that” or something similar.

Never once did I regret the move I made, even though I have never been as scared and uncertain as I was when I was having a good cry sitting on those stairs in a house I could no longer call mine.

I moved in a different direction because I was very conscious of the fact I didn’t want to come to the end of my life regretting the fact I had not tried and followed my own path.

Following my own path is an ongoing exploration #DareGreatly #BeAMountainSeeker Click To Tweet

As it turns out, for me following my own path is an ongoing exploration. It’s exciting, scary, uncertain and definitely more fun than I had in the corporate world.

Now I’m certainly not suggesting everybody should make such a drastic move as I did six years ago. It definitely wasn’t as sudden as it may have looked to some – it took me years to come to the point where I found the courage to take that final step.

Starting down the path of a life lived true to myself was the only way #DareGreatly #BeAMountainSeeker Click To Tweet

Once I’d found it though, not moving forward was no longer an option. Starting down the path of a life lived true to myself was the only way. Where it will ultimately lead, I don’t know. Will I be successful at it? Maybe not by someone else’s standards, but hopefully I will be by my own. Will I regret it? I don’t think so and in the end that is all that matters.

HOW ABOUT YOU? How will you look back on the path you have followed through your life? What will the life you have lived look like? 

Share your thoughts below and let me know what you think. Be as specific as you can when you share your thoughts. Other people, Mountain Seekers like you, will be inspired by your ideas and actions.

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Thank you for reading and adding your voice to the conversation.

Now go dare greatly and be a Mountain Seeker!

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