Why Believing In Impossible Things Is Good For You

Photo credit: Sebastian Pichler (StockSnapIO)

Had you asked me 15, 12 years ago if I would ever leave my well-paying job behind for an uncertain future as an entrepreneur in a foreign country, I would have declared you mad and the idea impossible.

Had you asked me the same question 10 years ago, what seemed impossible before now was not only possible but becoming more likely by the day. By then I had become an entrepreneur (even if I didn’t think of myself that way yet) and I was very seriously thinking about ways I could move to a foreign country.

In 2010, that what had seemed like a hare-brained idea 15, 12 years ago, became a reality, when I moved to Austria.

Now had I not started believing in seemingly impossible things, I never would have left the job that was keeping me unhappy. I certainly would have never plucked the courage to upend my entire life and move to a different country. I would still be stuck. It my believe in things that before had seemed entirely impossible, that got me out of a rut and into a happy place.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, that believing a couple of impossible things before and after breakfast is a good thing!!

How about you? What impossible things do you believe before and after breakfast? Which things right now seem entirely impossible but have you dreaming nonetheless? Share your thoughts below and let me know.

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