When your mind resists … talk about it!

Photo by Jared Erondu on Unsplash

Recently I was confronted with a problem (or was it a challenge?) and found my mind going ’round and ’round in circles, until I could feel my entire body becoming tense like a coiled spring.

I am a solopreneur. When I get stuck like this, I don’t have any immediate colleagues to talk to. In the past I used to remain stuck for what felt like forever. Just because I thought as a freelancer, a solopreneur, admitting that I was stuck in a loop was somehow akin to admitting failure.

Thankfully I now know better.

When I get stuck with a problem, I know my own coach is only a session away. When it’s more urgent, I can always contact her sooner too.

So I talked the problem over with my coach. By the end of the session, I knew what the solution was.

So glad I have someone (outside of family and friends) I can talk to without being judged and just knowing she will truly hear me!

Who do you talk to when you need someone to listen without judgement?

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Who truly hears you?!

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