When Blazing My Own Trail, I Fulfill My Destiny

Paco & me looking out over Mölltal (Möll valley)| © Gerdi Verwoert 2008

In 2008, standing on a rocky outcrop somewhere in the mountains, I decided I could only be happy if I started figuring out where my own path lay and started walking it – towards my own destiny.

I had walked the path of a corporate career leading to superficial monetary success long enough to know I was heading towards my own destruction. If that sounds dramatic, it is also true. I was slowly but surely walking on a trail that could only lead to my mental destruction. Along the way I had already suffered one serious burnout and if I didn’t make a significant course correction, there was no doubt in my mind I would suffer another one.

So I started exploring what my own destiny looked like. I was sure of only two things. One, it wasn’t to be found in a corporate / office environment. Two, I needed to be in or near mountains.

The next two years I spend exploring what my destiny was to be.

Guiding people

Knowing I wanted to spend as much time as possible in the mountains I also knew guiding people both in life and on mountains had to be a part of that.

I could have just spent my summer vacations in the mountains, as I did during those years I was exploring my destiny, but I found it harder and harder to leave them behind. When, upon going back after yet another mountain vacation, I felt tears running down my cheeks because I was once again leaving behind the place where I felt so very complete I knew just summer vacations would never be enough!

So I started talking to people about my plans to move there, primarily to gauge my own reactions.

How did it feel to articulate my plans? What effect did other people’s reactions have on my certainty of being on the right path? Was there a difference between the effect of reactions of people close to me and of those who were a bit less so?

At times I was convinced I was on the right track, while at other times I was filled with doubt and apprehension. Convinced that moving to the mountains was the absolute right thing for me to do. Filled with doubt and apprehension about how I would sustain myself.

When my convictions were greater than my fears

Until the time came when my convictions were greater than my doubts and I finally committed fully to living my own destiny.

I committed to living where I am complete and completely me.

I committed to my core values

I committed to living up to my own expectations.

I committed to living my own life.

I committed to being a guide to others so they too can live a life that is truly their own.

The scariest thing I have ever done

I basically burned all my bridges. I walked away from a corporate career and all that comes with it. I sold my house and the security that comes from owning one. I left behind family, friends and the support system they provide. As I was about to hand over the keys of my house to its new owners the magnitude of it all hit home and sitting on the stairs I was overcome with fear of the uncertainty and unknown that was now to be my future.

The most exciting thing I have ever done

It was also the most exciting thing I have ever done. I was finally taking responsibility for my own life. No longer was I just mindlessly going where everybody else seemed to be heading. I was consciously committing myself to a different path. I was filled with excitement and wonder about whatever my future would hold and how I was going to shape it.

That time on the stairs of my old house was (so far, six years on) the last time I was overcome with fear.

Living my destiny

Living my own life, using my core values as my golden standard to which I hold up all my major decisions is not always easy and sometimes holding me to those standards can seem just too hard to do.

But then I realise not doing so has consequences I don’t want to experience (again) and instead of taking the path that is easier to travel but leads away from my goal in life, I choose the one that is harder but is leading me in the right direction.

Only when I have the courage to live up to my commitments, my convictions, my core values, my destiny, can I inspire those I want to guide to do the same. By being an example I can inspire them to live the life they want to live and so to live their destiny!

So how about you?! What is your destiny? What is it that you, deep in your heart, know you want to do with your life?  What obstacles, objections, and fears do you find yourself facing that keep you from doing what you know deep in your heart is right for you?

Share your thoughts below and let me know. Be as specific as you can when you share your thoughts. Other people, Trailblazers like you, will be inspired by your ideas and actions.

Thank you for reading and adding your voice to the conversation.

As always…

Go dare greatly!