The Find What Life Is About Course

Imagine being able to say … I know exactly how I want to live my life … What my purpose is …

Imagine being able to say … I live the life I want because I know what my life is about!

Knowing what you don’t want is easy, but how about what you do want?

Actually, knowing what you don’t want is a pretty good place to start. At least you know what you want your life to be like, is different from how it is now.

This course intends to help you find out what your life is about and is designed as a virtual mountain hike. As you dive into the content of the course you’ll be transported into the mountains to experience the process clients I bring into actual mountains with me go through.

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Introducing 'You Don't Have To Be Bear Grylls' [Interviews]

I’m Gerdi Verwoert. As a life coach and hiking guide who is passionate about mountains, it is part of my mission to inspire people to reconnect with themselves through immersing themselves in nature, the mountains especially. And I know not everyone wants to do this is under the guidance of a coach.