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Create a better-balanced life
Climb Your Mountain with ease

When you realize life has become almost exclusively about work and the pandemic has made it worse …

It can feel like you’re in the middle of a hard struggle up to a mountain.

When this sounds familiar, it is time to learn how to climb your mountain with ease.

That’s exactly what you’ll learn in as little as 8 days.

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8 Days — 8 Emails with videos and worksheets to help you discover how to climb your metaphorical mountain with ease

Are you ready to lead a more balanced life?

You’ve worked long and hard to become the success you are today. You climbed a metaphorical mountain and are close to, maybe even on its summit.

And yet …

  As you are about to start the second half of your life and career you know you don’t want to spend it the same way you spent the first half.

  You know there is more to life than work alone and you want to make changes so you can be successful without work completely taking over your life.

  When you try to make time for other important things (you, family, friends, etc.) work always seems to get in the way.

  Before work took over time spent in Nature, by yourself and with others, was an important part of your life and you miss it.

  You’re not sure how to bring more balance into your life without jeopardising your position or career.

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Living life is like moving among mountains

When you think about it living life is surprisingly similar to moving among mountains

Along the way, you encounter valleys and summits while the paths you walk are seldom smooth and easy.

The climb to the summits can be challenging, even hard, and it’s easy to forget that it’s not the summits you reach that make the journey worthwhile. It’s the views and the challenges along the way there.

You’ve realized there are things you can do to bring back balance into your life; a balance uniquely your own. But you could do with a bit of support.

6 Reasons why you should subscribe today

1. Get the support you need to discover what your unique life balance looks like

2. Restore balance in your life as you learn how you can make time for YOU and the things important to you

3. Start making time for yourself today to prevent burnout tomorrow

4. Prepare for the second half of your life and career; take control and create your new normal

5. Learn easy and actionable steps and strategies you can immediately implement towards living a more balanced life

6. Discover how (re)connecting with Nature can help you maintain that balance — even during busy times


What do you get with the Climb Your Mountain email series?

‘Climb Your Mountain’ is a self-guided program designed as a virtual mountain trek to help you figure out what is truly important to you; to climb your mountain with ease. A trek much like an actual mountain trek I bring my clients on.

Over the course of 8 days, you will receive 8 brief videos* with accompanying worksheets.

*Audio-only versions of the content are also provided

As the videos guide you through the mountains we’ll cover:

  • Day 1 – things that cause you stress
  • Day 2 – your roles and beliefs
  • Day 3 – letting go
  • Day 4 – things truly important to you
  • Day 5 – the foundation of your purpose
  • Day 6 – setting strong boundaries
  • Day 7 – your life purpose
  • Day 8 – how to go on from here

Climb Your Mountain Email Series

Reaching your goals

My name is Gerdi Verwoert. I’m a certified professional coach as well as a certified mountain hiking guide who helps busy managers, executives and coaches go from a life taken over by work to a better-balanced life with time for themselves and the things important to them. A life in which they are the self-leader they are meant to be.

Guiding my clients into Nature where they more easily disconnect from their busy lives and reconnect with themselves is an important element in all my coaching programs. You see, I believe that since we are all part of Nature, you can only be connected with yourself when you’re connected with Nature as well.

Nature is my coaching partner, my co-conspirator. She offers us a place to rest, regenerate, play and explore.

In my online programs, she joins us in the form of metaphors and stories that relate closely to your situation and speak directly to your unconscious self. As part of the program, you’re encouraged to venture outside in your own surroundings and spend time with her.