A life hack to keep you stay the course towards living your own life

Ever since I started on my coaching journey I’ve been aware of the benefits of journaling. To be honest it has been a stop-and-go thing for me. Until I learned about BULLET JOURNALING.

I would do the traditional journal for a while. Putting my thoughts and emotions on paper, gave me clarity and reduced feelings of stress too.

But then I’d pressure myself to write something ‘more meaningful’. Into writing longer entries. Into … It didn’t take long for all the pressure I put on myself, to turn into resentment. That would lead to my giving up journaling altogether.

After a couple of weeks, I’d start again only to repeat the process.

Bullet journaling turned out to be different.

This is a glimpse into what mine looks like. Right now I’m using it in preparation for my second webinar & mini-course.

Dare Greatly Coaching | Bullet Journal

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Its simplicity takes away the pressure I put on myself to make long entries.

It appeals to my love of colourful use of pen and paper.

It gives me an easy overview of the things I need/want to do.

It links perfectly with other tools I use (e.g. for setting goals)

I take an almost childlike, intense pleasure on noting what I’ve accomplished in a day, a week, a month, …

Above all it keeps me moving towards realising my goals and dreams.

Click below for a quick explanation of bullet journaling.


What do you think? Is it something you’ll be trying out? Join the conversation in my private facebook group and let me know in the comments below.

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Go Dare Greatly! #LiveYourOwnLife

Photo credit: Doug Robichaud (Unsplash)