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Gerdi with Fiona Clark on losing and finding yourself

I met Fiona Clark when we both attended a seminar on presenting techniques in London.

Since then we’ve been following each other on social media. Keeping up to date with what each of us was up to.

Because of that, I became familiar not only with the work she does, but also with the fact that she is a very enthusiastic cyclist.

When she’s not roaming over roads in the hills where she lives, she helps stressed businesswomen to drop the masks of perfection and connect to their inner power so they can flourish in life and business.

It is her passion is to inspire women to recover the courage to be themselves and reinvent a fabulous future that will have them sailing into the sunset of their dreams!

Having overcome her own ‘Who am I’? moments she chose to release the ‘masks’ that she’d hidden behind for so long.

She empowers her clients to let go of the resistance, the limiting beliefs and the subconscious programming that is holding them back from being the best they can be.

Helping them to step out of feeling ‘stuck and lost’ and step forth into a new phase of life with head held high and with the courage to be themselves, unashamedly and unconditionally!

My guest’s coaching programmes are based on self-discovery and use the skills and techniques from the zenergy chest to help her clients reconnect to their ‘limitless self’.


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