201911366 - Climb your mountain microschool

Climb Your Mountain 2-Week Microschool

Learn to create a better-balanced life;
To climb your mountain with ease

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Learn how to create a better-balanced life that is about more than work alone. Because …

When you realize life has become almost exclusively about work and the pandemic has made it worse …

It can feel like you’re struggling up a hard mountain. 

When this sounds familiar, it is time to learn how to climb your mountain with ease; to live a better-balanced life.

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2 Weeks – A Talent Dynamics Profile test and 4 live online ‘classes’ to help you discover how to create a more balanced life uniquely your own

Are you ready to lead a more balanced life?

You’ve worked long and hard to become the success you are today. You climbed a metaphorical mountain and are close to, maybe even on its summit.

And yet …

  As you are about to start the second half of your life and career you know you don’t want to spend it the same way you spent the first half.

  You know there is more to life than work alone and you want to make changes so you can be successful without work completely taking over your life.

  When you try to make time for other important things (you, family, friends, etc.) work always seems to get in the way.

  Before work took over time spent in Nature, by yourself and with others, was an important part of your life and you miss it.

  You’re not sure how to bring more balance into your life without jeopardising your position or career.

Living life is like moving among mountains

When you think about it living life is surprisingly similar to moving among mountains

Along the way, you encounter valleys and summits while the paths you walk are seldom smooth and easy.

The climb to the summits can be challenging, even hard, and it’s easy to forget that it’s not the summits you reach that make the journey worthwhile. It’s the views and the challenges along the way there.

Thankfully there are things you can do to make the journey easier.

You’ve realized there are things you can do to bring back balance into your life; a balance uniquely your own. And you could do with a bit of support.

7 Reasons why you should join today

1. Get the support you need to discover what your unique life balance looks like

2. Discover your Talent Dynamics Profile and learn your path of least resistance to working and living balanced and in flow

3. Restore balance in your life as you learn how you can make time for YOU and the things important to you

4. Make time for yourself today to prevent burnout tomorrow

5. Prepare for the second half of your life and career; take control and create your new normal

6. Learn easy and actionable steps and strategies you can immediately implement towards living a more balanced life

7. Discover how (re)connecting with Nature can help you maintain that balance — even during busy times


What do you get in the Climb Your Mountain Microschool?


The ‘Climb Your Mountain Microschool’ is designed as a metaphorical/virtual mountain trek to help you create a more balanced life; to climb your mountain with ease. A trek much like an actual mountain trek I bring my clients on.

  Know your flow and reclaim time by doing what you do best

  Know what tasks, roles and responsibilities to focus on

  Know what tasks, roles and responsibilities to say ‘no’ to

  Clarity about your natural path and how your task, roles and responsibilities fit it

  More time to do the things that excite you instead of things you feel you should do

  Tools to create and maintain a balanced life uniquely your own

  Lessons learned from and connections with others who are (re)creating balance in their lives too

Spaces are limited to 10.
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Why a mountain trek?

Because we humans are as much part of Nature as dogs, birds, lions, fish and yes, even trees and mountains. We are not meant to live a life stuck inside offices and sitting down all the time, disconnected from Nature. We are meant to move and be connected with Nature.

Research has shown that our brains work differently when we move. Parts that are quiet when we sit or lie down become engaged and active.

Walking in Nature, among mountains especially, is a form of active inactivity. As you focus on your physical environment (active) the mind easily wanders (inactive). Walking helps us to think creatively, making finding answers to difficult questions, solving problems and much easier.

Talent Dynamics Profile Test

This test has been used by over 500,000 leaders across the world and is designed to find out what your natural path is; to find your flow and reclaim your time by doing what you do best.

Without putting anyone in a box it helps you understand yourself, your colleagues, and even your family. It highlights a path specifically for you to grow trust in yourself and from others in you.

You’ll have the opportunity to take the test before the first microschool session.

2 Weeks – 4 Sessions

Every week you will be able to join 2 sessions i.e. classes.

Every Monday at 7 AM CEST we’ll go over the material for that week. Every Friday at 7 AM CEST you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions during a Q&A session.

Can’t do 7 AM CEST? You can also opt for 7 PM CEST when that’s more convenient for you.

Over the course of these 2 weeks, you’ll come to understand what causes you stress, what tasks, roles and responsibilities you’ve taken on how these may be keeping you partially or completely out of flow.

Knowing your Talent Dynamics profile will help decide how to best design your life going forward and create greater flow in your life.

Reaching your goals

My name is Gerdi Verwoert. I’m a certified professional coach as well as a certified mountain hiking guide who helps busy managers, executives and coaches go from a life taken over by work to a better-balanced life with time for themselves and the things important to them. A life in which they are the self-leader they are meant to be.

Guiding my clients into Nature where they more easily disconnect from their busy lives and reconnect with themselves is an important element in all my coaching programs. You see, I believe that since we are all part of Nature, you can only be connected with yourself when you’re connected with Nature as well.

Nature is my coaching partner, my co-conspirator. She offers us a place to rest, regenerate, play and explore.

In my online programs, she joins us in the form of metaphors and stories that relate closely to your situation and speak directly to your unconscious self. As part of the program, you’re encouraged to venture outside in your own surroundings and spend time with her.