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Climb Your Mountain Microschools

GREAT! You’ve decided it’s time to learn how to climb your mountain with (more) ease. No matter the program you’ve chosen — you will learn how to create a more balanced life that is unique to you.

Select your program of choice and fill out the form below to get started.

Included in the 2-week microschool for € 279

  • 2-week Climb Your Mountain microschool valued at € 279
  • 1 unique token for a Talent Dynamics Profile test valued at € 95
  • resources including video recordings of group sessions and downloadable worksheets valued at € 115

Because this is a group program you save € 210!

Included in the 8-week microschool for € 1,195

  • 8-week Climb Your Mountain online microschool valued at € 1,116
  • 1 unique token for a Talent Dynamics Profile test valued at € 95
  • a 60-minute debrief of your Talents Dynamics Profile test valued at € 200
  • 2 individual coaching sessions valued at € 500
  • individual support via text and voice messages on workdays valued at € 600
  • 8 weeks access to dedicated Signal group with other participants valued at € 460
  • resources including video recordings of group sessions and downloadable worksheets valued at € 500

Because this is a group program you save € 2,276!

Frequently asked questions

I didn’t get an email from you

Make sure to check your spam, junk, promotions, updates and any other folder when the confirmation mail doesn’t pop into your inbox within a few minutes, half an hour tops.

Remember, that mail (send almost immediately) could be hiding in spam or promotions, it may even be on walk-about or sit on a mountain top … Go look for it and move it to your inbox.

To prevent any further hide and seek, be sure to do one or both of the following:

Good: Please reply to the email and let me know where you are in the world

Better: add gerdi@daregreatlycoaching.com to your contact list and once you find the mail, drag it to your inbox to teach your mail program where it belongs!

What are the dates of the Climb Your Mountain microschool?

Both the 2- and the 8-week programs launch on Monday 19th July 2021 with a live session at 7 AM CEST and 7 PM CEST (you can choose the most convenient time for you).

Check this handy time zone converter to find your local time.

The 2-week program concludes on 22 October 2021. The 8-week program ends on 3 December 2021.

How is the program delivered?

Depending on the program you chose the course is delivered over two or eight weeks with one live mentor session, 3 implementation days and a Q&A forum each week.

How much time does it take to attend the Climb Your Mountain Microschool?

The time investment between the live sessions and coursework is around 1 to 2 hours each day.

When do I take the Talent Dynamics Profile test?

You will be sent a link to the test with your unique token once your payment is confirmed.

As the token is generated specifically for you no refunds for the token are available.

Try to take the test before the first live session of the program.

When you’ve chosen to enrol in the 8-week program, we will schedule a debrief session once you’ve taken the test. This session is part of the 8-week microschool program.

Will I be climbing actual mountains?

No. Not unless you live or find yourself among mountains and want to explore them during the program. 

Both microschools are programs offered online. You will be encouraged to go out and find Nature in your own surroundings and it doesn’t have to be mountains.

The mountains and the metaphorical/virtual mountain trek form the background against which the program is presented. Metaphors and stories that relate closely to your situation and speak directly to your psyche are used to illustrate the program’s materials.