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Heather with Gerdi Verwoert on living in alignment with your values

Hi! My Name is Heather Monro.

To those of you who are regular listeners will no doubt be wondering at this point, “What’s become of the usual host, Gerdi Verwoert?”

So let me put your mind at rest. She’s still here because today’s guest is the very same Gerdi Verwoert.

For this 50th episode, it seems fitting to do something a little different and if like me, you really value Gerdi’s perspective and the line-up of wonderful conversation partners she’s gathered, maybe you’ve also wanted to hear a bit more from her.

So today the tables are turned and Gerdi is going to be my guest.

I got to know Gerdi as part of a thinking circle for soul-centred coaches. And through that connection, I’ve come to value her courage to live aligned with what’s important to her and her commitment to enabling that for others and of course, her deep connection to Nature.

But there’s lots about Gerdi that I’m intrigued to hear more about and hence the impetus for this conversation.

Gerdi grew up in Holland and has over 20 years of experience in the corporate world as a projects and facilities manager.

But in 2010 she gave all of this up and moved to the Austrian Alps where she’s worked as a mountain hiking guide, a ski instructor and sometimes a taxi driver.

For the past six years or so she’s blended a professional coaching certification with her mountain guiding. Working with busy managers, leaders and coaches to help them connect with themselves, refocus on what their lives are about and reclaim their self-leadership.

So let’s dive into the conversation today.

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Gerdi's Favourites Celebrating Nature



‘Má Vlast no.2 Vltava (The Moldau)’ by Bedřich Smetana


The Jungle Books by Rudyard Kipling



‘The Elephant Queen’ directed by Marc Deeble and Victoria Stone

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