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Gerdi with Torill Wilhelmsen on creative walking

Today’s guest is Torill Bye Wilhelmsen, an entrepreneurial coach from Norway. She started her slow business coaching and consultancy firm Fjellflyt to help people develop profitable and sustainable companies, so they can live off what they are passionate about.

Over the course of her career, she has started two companies, won awards for innovation and website texts as a salesperson, worked as a project manager and business manager, and completed a master’s degree in international economics and development.

Mountain flow

Fjellflyt was mentioned in the world’s largest business magazine Forbes because Torill helps entrepreneurs set their ideas in motion. She helps them achieve what they can by creating a map with them showing how they can get to where they want to go.

Her clients are award-winning enthusiasts looking for an active everyday life with more meaning. They have gone from idea to a million turnover in one year, quit office jobs to see the sparkle in the snow, make beautiful and lasting products, produce proper food, work with people and create art.

Real connection

Convinced entrepreneurs crave real connection with people and Nature, Torill is on a mission to help entrepreneurs get the real business and health benefits that the Walking Movement has to offer.

Changing working habits is hard when done alone, but when you get support from people like Torill who already do what you aim for, it becomes easier to chase your dreams rather than letting your dreams chase you.

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