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Gerdi with Toby Cowern on passion for the outdoors and survival in it

You know you’ll be talking to an interesting person when his Linkedin headline reads like this:

“Fusing Nature Engagement, True Resilience and Individual/Business Development. Certified Facilitator in Lego® Serious Play®. Wilderness and Urban Survival Skills Instructor, FireFighter, Soldier, Business Director (x3)”

Today’s guest is Toby Cowern. He uniquely fuses his teaching background, risk management qualifications, military training and outdoors experience to deliver Wilderness and Urban Survival Skills training of the highest calibre.

Born and raised in the UK he joined the military in 1999 where he trained and worked in various roles. Some of those roles took him to training weeks and multidisciplinary exercises in Scandinavia and the Arctic Circle.

Tread Lightly

After ending his time in the military he moved to Sweden where he started his own survival company “Tread Lightly”.

Wilderness Survival Expert in Sweden

Bringing together his extensive and broad-ranging experience in the Reserve Armed Forces, leisure industry, outdoor activities and Health and Safety industry he is its chief instructor

His expertise lies in Extreme Cold Weather Wilderness Survival Skills (remember that Arctic Circle?) but before COVID he also travelled extensively to deliver applied Survival Training internationally.

When not teaching or studying aspects of survival, Toby also deals with Management and Coaching Consultancy as well as running various highly applied nature immersion camps and seminars, aimed at managing and reducing stress both at the individual and organisational levels.

Rewilding Yourself

Toby is passionate about using immersive nature engagement to help promote positive reconnection with the natural environment (‘Rewilding Yourself’) and tapping into the powerful personal development and growth that can be attained from this.

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Toby's Favourites Celebrating Nature



‘Yoik of the Wind’ by Sofia Jannok


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‘Happy People: A Year in the Taiga’ (2013) directed by Werner Herzog

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