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Gerdi with Pia Ault on her horse as her coaching partner

My guest Pia Ault is from Denmark and has lived and worked not just there but also in the UK, the US and the United Arab Emirates. Recently she moved again. This time to Spain, where she’s living now.

She started her career in the world of Salt as an export supervisor responsible for sales to South America, Europe and Asia.

As she moved on to other jobs and higher up the career ladder she remained in the world of sales, eventually finding herself in the position of Director responsible for Strategy and Business Development at Cisco.

After working more than 25 years in multinational corporations across USA, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Pia left a corporate career to follow her passion of helping others get more out of life.

As the mother of 2 sons diagnosed with ADD and ADHD respectively and married to a man also diagnosed with ADD, she spent years reading and learning everything she could find on these disorders.

Learning to understand what affected the men in her life was essential so she could give her sons the best possible support and raise them to be independent men — able to live full lives in spite of or perhaps because of their diagnoses.

Having gained a deep understanding of ADD, ADHD and by extension Autism, Pia works with clients who have been diagnosed with these ‘disorders’.

Turns out that this understanding is also very useful in working with corporate leaders to develop empathy at work, as well as enhance their emotional vocabulary and agility in stressful and uncertain work environments.

She has a Master’s degree in both Social Psychology and International Business. is a Certified Professional Coach as well as a licenced trainer in Dynamic Emotional Integration® and empathic work.

Pia also is a Certified Equine Assisted Coach, which means she helps her clients understand what information their emotions hold for them with the assistance of an Arabian mare called Lola.

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