Paul Ryken and Sandra Rosenau on minimalism

Paul Ryken & Sandra Rosenau | Minimalist Journeys


Gerdi with Paul Ryken & Sandra Rosenau on minimalism

Paul Ryken and Sandra Rosenau are a Gen X couple passionate about experiencing more of life. They’re passionate about experiencing our amazing planet by living with less stuff, distractions, waste. We have a conversation on minimalism, how it is informed by their values and how it informs the way they live life.

Guided by their personal values, they’ve been creating a life they love.

In 2016, they swapped their well-paying corporate careers in Sydney, Australia for the uncertainty of self-employment and location independence.

Since then, they’ve backpacked around the Americas and Europe for two years, explored New Zealand for a year in a campervan and been house sitting on different continents. They are now preparing for their next adventure: Overlanding – first Australia and then the world.

Their travel and lifestyle blog covers a wide range of interconnected topics. They touch upon personal values, minimalism, simple intentional living, and financial wellbeing. Subjects like location independence, van life, sustainability, responsible travel and more are also covered.

Their audience tends to be more mature: people who are more attuned to their values and strive to live by them. They may be at turning points in their lives, wondering what’s next.

Paul and Sandra help them find new inspiration and direction to create the life they love. They do this by sharing their and other people’s journeys on their website. More recently they also started sharing through their online courses and by speaking at events.

Their travel audience is looking for affordable travel experiences that are gentle on our planet and contribute to the communities they visit.

Paul and Sandra help them truly experience a destination through well-researched travel guides and tried and tested itineraries – all easily accessible on their website.

Right now Paul is heavily involved in the organisation of #WorldValuesDay which is an annual event taking place on the 3rd Thursday of October; this year on 21 October 2021. Paul’s focus is on reconnecting with Nature.

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Paul & Sandra's Favourites Celebrating Nature



‘Beethoven: Symphony No. 5 in C minor’  performed by the Vienna Philharmonic, conducted by Zubin Mehta


Walden by Henry David Thoreau

Jack Reacher by Lee Child



‘Forrest Gump’ directed by Robert Zemeckis


‘David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet’ directed by Alastair Fothergill, Jonathan Hughes and Keith Scholey

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