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Gerdi with Melissa Stephens on your own definition of success

Melissa Stephens helps leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners break through to unbridled business growth by leading life from their vision. She does this by helping them reignite their soul purpose so they can experience greater freedom, satisfaction and balance in their lives.

She is an iPEC certified professional coach and an Energy Leadership master practitioner as well as a Leadership Dynamics and Wellbeing specialist.

For a long time, she made — as she puts it — “personal sacrifices in the wake of my career”.

She struggled to balance work and life priorities, eventually finding herself on the verge of burnout.

For too long she kept saying “yes” to get ahead in her career, which caused her to work working longer days while at the same time saying “no” to time for herself and enjoying life.

She was left feeling angry, frustrated, overwhelmed, and exhausted.

That’s when Melissa started thinking this was not how she wanted to live life. She reached out to supporters, teachers, mentors and coaches.

All of whom helped her, held her accountable as she slowly made her way back to living in the present moment; dancing to the beat of her own drum instead of someone else’s.

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