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Marina Pearson is a best-selling author and international speaker, who supports individuals and entrepreneurs to transform their stress into effortless living.

As a mum and a business owner herself she knows what it’s like to be all things to all people.

For years she worked in the music industry doing marketing and promotion.

She used to work 60 hour weeks and not be able to switch off from her work which took its toll on her relationships. Especially with her son and then husband.

All the stress, anxiety and overwhelm left her feeling exhausted and stopped her from really enjoying life.

Eventually Marina ditched the 60 hour work week and moved to Spain where she runs exclusive retreats for busy mums who want to create a lifestyle that works for them.

Her work is simple, profound and life changing and helps her clients create the healthy balance they crave without the guilt so that they can thrive in the areas that matter to them.

She aims to free overwhelmed professional working mums of the mental burdens of modern day life so that they and their families thrive regardless of their circumstances

A fellow podcaster Marina hosted the podcast The Joy of Being, which was in the top ten of wellbeing podcasts alongside the likes of Russell Brand, Ruby Wax and Fearne Cotton.

She also is a bestselling author who’s work has been included in Marie Claire, ITV This Morning, The Guardian and The Daily Mail to name a few. I am also a TED speaker.


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Marina's Favourites Celebrating Nature



‘Aquarius (Let the Sun Shine In)’ by The Fifth Dimension

The song also features on the soundtrack of the Broadway musical and movie ‘Hair’


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