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Gerdi with Lorenza Clifford on leadership climate and climate leadership

Lorenza Clifford started her working life at 11 as a paper girl, car-washer, baby-sitter, stable-hand, and when old enough, barmaid and waitress: like many, working through college and uni.

Her first job after her psychology degree was as an HR consultant for a psychometrics consultancy. It didn’t take her long to take up coaching and before the second decade of her working life was out, she had set up shop as a freelance consultant and coach.

Over the course of several years —she also held several full-time positions at different organisations. The well-known accountancy firm PwC was among them. For them, she designed experiential leadership transition and relationship skills programmes to enable Senior Managers to develop and be promoted to Director.

Lorenza has also been the Lead Facilitator on London Business School accredited Business Diploma programmes.

Over time my guest grew into an innovative leadership development professional with senior-level, multi-sector experience. She has a track record of successful coaching with board-level executives, practice leaders and heads of businesses.

An accredited coach supervisor and experienced developer of coaches, my guest raises awareness and opens up choices through exploration of lived experience.

For the Association for Coaching, she is a contributing member of the special interest group for supervision and a volunteer coaching supervisor for supervision experience calls, giving members a taste of what supervision is like as a free member benefit. She is on the Discovery Team for the association of coaching supervisors. There she creates spaces for thought provocation and dialogue based on Transformative action research principles.

Besides clearly being a very accomplished coach and coach supervisor, my guest is also the co-author of several collaborative books, and the author of ‘Survive Bullying At Work (Steps To Success)’ and ‘Interview Others: How To Spot The Perfect Candidate’.

She is a fellow member of the Climate Coaching Alliance and following her on LinkedIn, it is very clear that she is passionate about climate, nature and its preservation for future generations.

If this doesn’t sound busy enough already, she also found time together with her partner, to raise three children and spend time outdoors gardening, walking dogs or riding an Irish sports horse she shares.

She lives in the UK in Hampshire.

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‘Bushes & Briars’, an old English folksong performed by Eliza Carthy and Nancy Kerr




Directed by Sean Penn and based upon the bestselling book by Jon Krakauer

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