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Gerdi with Julie Lewis on the art of resilience

Julie has an empowering story of courage, resilience and trust. A story of tremendous inward focus, strength and connection.

Having climbed some of the World’s highest peaks, being held at gunpoint crossing the desert during the Gulf crisis, widowed at 36, starting the first female expedition company in the Middle East in 2003 and caring for her husband through stage 4 brain cancer to complete recovery are just a few of the diverse and unusual experiences that have allowed her to perfect the art and science of resilience and turn adversity into positive transformation and growth.

Julie has the courage, wisdom and compassion to shine a light on the path for others to venture forward, to embrace the highs, lows and plateaus; to reach higher, delve deeper and look beyond the horizon.

Her insightful connection to nature has given her the ability to lead others through transformations of their own. She radiates a magnetic energy, a deep sense of self and understanding of others that draws clients from around the globe.

As a spirited, entrepreneurial adventurer, in-demand speaker, an award-winning author and the foremost expert on resilience, wellness and strength-based leadership, Julie will help you climb and move any mountain as you journey to your highest and awakened self.

Julie is the ‘go to’ woman for turning adversity and setbacks into fulfilling challenges and personal transformation. Exploring inner worlds and connecting with Nature’s raw and honest beauty, she celebrated her 40th birthday on the summit of Koto Kinabalu. With a reignited sense of awe and wonder after experiencing Nature’s transformative powers, Julie found her freedom in the reverence of the mountains, the vitality of the ocean, the energy of the forest and the beauty of the desert.

Forever changed by the clarity she achieved on her personal journey of self-discovery, she shares her growth and success principles with others leading them to a new level of joy, self-awareness and connection that enables them to flourish by learning and applying resilience, self-awareness and embracing their connection to others, self and nature.

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